University of North Dakota

Pay Per Click Marketing

HOURS: 150
TYPE: Career Training Program
FEES: $1495.00 USD


Pay-per-click marketing specialists are in high demand, and the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Online Training Program will ensure your advertising campaigns are designed for success from the very first impression.

The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Online Training Program is a series of three bundled courses designed to give you the knowledge necessary to set up, monitor and maintain successful campaigns to promote your web site via paid advertising on the major search engines and their network of partner sites.

The program will walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up a PPC campaign from scratch on the two most popular services, Google AdWords and Bing Ads. It will then take your knowledge of PPC to the next level by teaching you how to improve your ad click-through and conversion rates, create effective landing pages, measure campaign effectiveness, conduct split testing and tweak your campaigns for better performance.


Upon successful completion of this program, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the difference between organic and paid search results
  • Set up a Google AdWords account (to appear in paid search results on Google)
  • Set up a Bing Ads account (to appear in paid search results on Yahoo! and Bing)
  • Increase the conversion rate of existing paid advertising campaigns
  • Attract the right audience for your web site via paid search advertising
  • Choose the right keywords to promote your web site
  • Understand the various campaign types available
  • Choose suitable demographic and geographic targeting options
  • Understand the difference between each of the keyword matching options
  • Create compelling paid search ads
  • Determine the right bid and match types for their keywords
  • Set and control campaign budgets
  • Structure an ad campaign for best performance
  • Understand key ad triggers that increase conversions
  • Recognize the features of high-converting landing pages
  • Track campaign performance and ROI
  • Produce meaningful campaign reports for stakeholders


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