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Certified Digital Marketing Professional (Voucher Included)

Learn search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), conversion optimization, digital analytics, and email marketing to get a holistic understanding of digital marketing.

$1,995.00 (USD)


A digital marketing professional is a 360-degree digital marketer with a solid foundation and working knowledge of all digital marketing domains. The primary objectives of a digital marketing specialist are to increase brand awareness, promote products, build traffic on the branded website, acquire new customers, generate product interest among prospects and create high product visibility among distinct audiences.

Requirements for online marketing certification are based on a combination of applied industry experience, education, and certification exam results designed by industry thought leaders, experts, renowned authors, and educators in the field. The skills and knowledge you obtain from this course will prepare you to proceed with the Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) certification.

This course offers enrollment with a voucher. The voucher is prepaid access to sit for the certifying exam upon eligibility.







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