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The Human Resources Professional with Payroll Practice and Management includes: Human Resources Professional
Payroll Practice and Management

Human Resources Professional with Payroll Practice and Management

$2,995.00 (USD)
List Price: $3,590.00
Save: $595.00 (17% off)




  1. Human Resources Professional
    1. Introduction to Human Resources
    2. HR's Role in Strategy
    3. Recruiting and Hiring Employees
    4. Appraising and Improving Employees' Performance
    5. Training Programs
    6. Compensation and Benefits
    7. Employee Health and Safety
    8. The Legal Environment
    9. Making HR Decisions
    10. Affirmative Action
    11. Diversity
    12. Employee Rights and Discipline
    13. Termination
    14. Investigations
    15. Managing Labor Relations
    16. Creating a High-Performance Workplace
    17. Global Human Resources
    18. Retention
    19. Motivation, Rewards, and Recognition
    20. Preparing for the PHR Exam
  2. Payroll Practice and Management
    1. Introduction to Payroll
    2. Determining Worker Status
    3. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
    4. Federal Employment Taxes
    5. Payroll Forms
    6. Fringe Benefits – Tax-Preferred and Other Related Health Benefits
    7. Fringe Benefits – Deferred Comp, Retirement Plans, and Stock Options
    8. Other Employee Benefits
    9. Calculating Gross Wages
    10. Calculating Gross Pay – Additional Topics
    11. Paycheck Calculation – Taxes
    12. Paycheck Calculation – Voluntary and Involuntary Deductions
    13. Gross to Net Paycheck Calculation
    14. Compliance – Laws and Reporting
    15. Global Payroll
    16. Payroll Process and Systems, and Audits
    17. Paying the Employee
    18. Payroll Administration and Management
    19. Basic Accounting
    20. Exploring Payroll Careers
    21. Exam Preparation
    22. Payroll Project





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