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Alfred State College, SUNY
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MSP® Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training

MSP® Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training
$895.00 (USD)



  1. MSP Course Introduction
  2. Introduction to MSP
    1. Using MSP
  3. Programme Management Principles
  4. Governance Themes Overview
    1. Governance Themes and Transformation Flows
  5. Transformational Flow Overview
  6. Programme Organisation
    1. The Programme Board
    2. Programme Organisation within the Transformational Flow
  7. Vision
    1. Vision and Transformational Flow
  8. MSP Overview of Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement
    1. Stakeholder Engagement Process
    2. Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement within the Transformational Flow
  9. Benefits Management and Categorisation
    1. Benefits Management Cycle
    2. Benefits Management and Transformational Flow
  10. An Overview of Blueprint Design and Delivery
    1. Designing the Blueprint Delivery
    2. Blueprint Design and Delivery within the Transformational Flow
  11. Overview of Planning and Control
    1. Planning and Control Activities
    2. Planning and Control within the Transformational Flow
    3. Information Documents Used in Planning and Control
  12. Introduction to Business Case
    1. Business Case Review and Roles
  13. Overview of Risk and Issue Management
    1. Introduction to Risk Management
    2. Introduction to Issue Management
    3. Risk and Issue Management within the Transformational Flow
  14. Quality and Assurance Management
    1. Scope of Programme Quality
    2. Overview of Assurance Management
    3. Quality and Assurance Management within the Transformational Flow
  15. Identifying a Programme
    1. Identifying a Programme-Roles and Documents Used
  16. Defining a Programme-Steps 1 to 4
    1. Defining a Programme-Steps 5 to 12
    2. Defining a Programme-Steps 13 to 17
  17. Managing the Tranches-Steps 1 to 7
    1. Managing the Tranches-Steps 8 to 13
  18. Overview of Delivering the Capability
    1. Roles Involved in Delivering the Capability
  19. Realising the Benefits Step1
    1. Realising the Benefits Step 2
    2. Realising the Benefits Step 3
  20. Closing a Programme
    1. Steps in Closing a Programme





Alfred State College, SUNY

Center for Community Education and Training, Pioneer Center
10 Upper College Drive
Alfred, NY 14802 US

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