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Certificate in Healthcare and Eldercare

Certificate in Healthcare and Eldercare
$4,395.00 (USD)



  1. INACCORD® Mediation Certificate
    1. Justice and Alternative Dispute Resolution
    2. Overview of INACCORD® Conflict Analysis Model
    3. Phases and Stages of the INACCORD® Conflict Analysis Model
    4. The Touchstone Skills Part I
    5. The Touchstone Skills Part II
    6. Crafting the Memorandum of Agreement
    7. Special Issues In Mediation
    8. Legal Processes and Ethics
  2. INACCORD® Applied Practice
    1. INACCORD® Conflict Analysis in Practice
    2. Touchstone Skills in Practice
    3. INACCORD® Demo Practice
    4. Facilitating INACCORD® Phase Two, Stage 1 Interventions
    5. Facilitating the InAccord® Caucus
    6. INACCORD® Phase Two, Stages 2 & 3 Interventions
    7. INACCORD® Phase Two, Stage 4 Interventions
    8. Ethical Dilemmas and Mitigation
  3. Healthcare and Eldercare Mediation
    1. Common Conflicts in Health and Eldercare
    2. The Field of Eldercare Mediation
    3. The Bioethics Mediation Process
    4. Probate and Trust Mediation
    5. Family Mediation Skills
    6. Workplace Disputes in Healthcare and Elder Mediation
    7. Systems Theory and Organizational Development
    8. Conflicts within the Health Insurance Industry





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