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Grant Writing + Non-Profit Management

$3,795.00 (USD)


You want a meaningful career that comforts the greater-good. What better place to start than working within the non-profit sector?! In this program you’ll explore both the managerial aspects of working at a non-profit, as well as the process for obtaining funding through writing grant proposals.

What Will I Learn?

In this program, you will learn fundraising techniques, how to supervise volunteers and staff members, as well as the legal constraints and liabilities that non-profits encounter. Along with understanding non-profit management, you’ll learn practical techniques for writing compelling and competitive grant proposals.

In this course, you will learn to understand, deploy, troubleshoot, and maintain:
  • Learn how to write a grant proposal
  • Know how to tap into non-profit funding sources
  • Know the roles and responsibilities of a non-profit board of directors and the management team
  • Become knowledgeable on the fundamentals of legal writing
  • Develop practical managerial skills, including marketing non-profit, financial management, human resource development, and fund resource development
  • Understand licensing, permits, and taxes, and learn the basics of the budgeting process

Possible Careers Include…

  • Research Analyst/Program Coordinator
  • Grants Administrator: Fund Development, Planning & External Affairs
  • Foundation Coordinator
  • Grants Account Clerk
  • Grants Manager
  • Grant Writer