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Natural Gas Plant Operations

For decades to come, natural gas will be produced and consumed in the United States, creating an ongoing demand for natural gas plant operators. This online course provides the fundamental technical background you need to get started in this field.

$2,595.00 (USD)



What you will learn

  • Master basic math, physics, and chemistry knowledge necessary for a gas plant operator
  • Understand safety as it relates to gas plant production
  • Describe basic elements of electricity
  • Read technical process drawings
  • Describe basic operational elements of lubrication and centrifugal pumps
  • Understand how natural gas is found in nature and how gas wells are developed
  • Describe how natural gas compression and refrigeration systems work
  • Determine various methods used to purify natural gas

How you will benefit

  • Develop the knowledge and skills you'll need to begin a career in natural gas plant operations
  • Learn what to expect when working at a natural gas plant
  • Refine your skills in mathematics and science that will be used on the job
  • Set yourself apart from competitors by taking an online course to prove your interest
  • Enrolled students are invited to attend our exclusive annual virtual National Apprenticeship Week events, featuring live webinars, workshops, and employer interactions






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