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Paralegal (Voucher Included)

$2,195.00 (USD)


The Paralegal Online Training Program will prepare you for success in this growing career field. You’ll learn about the U.S. legal system, how to conduct legal research and legal interviews, how to perform legal analyses, and more. Your training will prepare you to become a legal secretary or paralegal and to take the Certified Paralegal certification exam through the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA).   

All materials are included in the cost of this program. Upon successfully completing, you will receive a voucher to sit for the Certified Paralegal exam.

NALA Certifying Board Announces New Exam Specifications Effective with 2018 Administrations


  • New applicants for the May 2017 and September 2017 testing windows:


    • Candidates who have not yet taken any sections prior to the May 2017 testing window have the option to sit for the examination in May 2017 or September 2017 but will have to complete the exam and pass all sections by the closing of the September 2017 testing window. If candidates do not take and pass all sections by the closing of the September 2017 testing window, NALA will require these candidates to retake the examination in its new format beginning in 2018.
    • Candidates who have not yet taken any sections of the exam also have the option to wait until 2018 to sit for the examination and the application will be transferred to 2018 upon request.


  • Candidates in retake status:


    • Candidates who first sat for any section in September 2015 through January 2016 will have the full two years provided in their original application to take and pass all sections of the exam since the applications will expire after the September 2017 testing window closes.
    • Candidates who first sat for any section in the testing windows beginning May 2016 through January 2017 will need to successfully complete any remaining sections of the examination by the September 2017 testing window.
    • Any candidates who do not successfully complete all sections by the September 2017 examination will retake the entire exam in its new format starting in 2018. Candidates in this situation have a reduction in time to complete the examination from the time allowed in the initial application. These candidates will be permitted to re-take the new exam once at half cost since the time period to complete the examination has been reduced. Any subsequent re-takes will be at full price.


For additional information, please see New Exam.








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