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COBIT 5 Certification Training

COBIT 5 Certification Training
$695.00 (USD)



I.             Introduction to COBIT® 5

                A.            About ISACA®

                B.            COBIT® 5 Certification—Benefits for Enterprises

                C.            Purpose and Target Audience for COBIT® 5

                D.            Learning Outcomes of the COBIT® 5 Foundation Course

                E.            COBIT® 5 Foundation Certification Examination

                F.            Preparation for the COBIT® 5 Foundation Certification Examination

II.            Overview of the COBIT® 5 Framework

                A.            COBIT® 5 and Other IT Governance Frameworks

III.           Learning Area Module: PR – Principles

                A.            The COBIT® 5 Principles

                B.            Principle 1 – Meeting Stakeholder Needs

                C.            Principle 2 – Covering the Enterprise End-to-End

                D.            Principle 3 – Applying a Single Integrated Framework

                E.            Principle 4 — Enabling a Holistic Approach

                F.            Principle 5 – Separating Governance from Management

IV.          Learning Area Module: EN—Enablers

                A.            Enabler 1 – Principles, Policies and Frameworks

                B.            Enabler 2 – Processes

                C.            Enabler 3 – Organizational Structures

                D.            Enabler 4 – Culture, Ethics and Behavior

                E.            Enabler 5 – Information

                F.            Enabler 6 – Services, Infrastructure and Applications

                G.           Enabler 7 – People, Skills and Competencies

V.            Learning Area Module: IM—Implementation

                A.            COBIT 5 Implementation—Phases 1-7

                B.            The Business Case

VI.          Learning Area Module: PC—Process Capability

                A.            Process Capability Assessment Model

                B.            Process Attributes and Process Capability Levels





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