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Hotel Management

Hotel Management
$995.00 (USD)



  1. Introduction: The Scope and Nature of Hotel Management
    1. The Hotel Industry
    2. The Scope of the Industry
    3. The Firm in the Hotel and Catering Industry
    4. Hotel Management
    5. Planning
    6. Policy
  2. Workplace & Hotel Organization
    1. Organization
    2. The Nature and Purpose of Organization
    3. The Mechanistic View of Organization
    4. The Human Relations View of Organization
    5. The Systems Approach to Organization
    6. Organization Structure
    7. The Informal Structure
    8. Hotel Organization
  3. Hotel Staff Management
    1. Work Charts
    2. Communication and Coordination
    3. Staff Management
    4. Monitoring Workloads and Work Procedures
    5. Authority/Chain of Command
    6. Career Structure
  4. Hospitality Control Systems
    1. Sources and Storage of Information
    2. Creating and Maintaining Information
    3. Creating and Maintaining Control Systems
    4. Types of Control
    5. Production Control
    6. Quality Control
    7. Sales Control
    8. Labor Utilization Control
    9. Materials Control
    10. Maintenance Control
    11. Financial Control
    12. Setting Standards and Corrective Action
    13. Work Study
    14. Organization and Methods
  5. Front Desk Operations (Reception)
    1. The Functions of the Front Office
    2. Customer Service
    3. Dealing with Grievances & Complaints
    4. Understanding Communication
    5. Conversation Development
    6. Using the Telephone
    7. Business Letters
    8. Promotions and Customer Relations
    9. Client Interpersonal Skills, Self Esteem & Reinforcement, etc.
  6. Servicing Rooms and General Cleaning
    1. Service Equipment
    2. Direct Purchase of Hire of Equipment
    3. Linen: Purchase or Hire, Choice of Fabrics, Structure and Properties of Fibers
    4. Linen Room Organization
  7. Building and Facility Maintenance
    1. Daily
    2. Periodic and Planned Preventative Maintenance
    3. Frequent Maintenance Problems
    4. Safety, Furniture
    5. Fittings
    6. Managing Maintenance
    7. Building Maintenance
    8. Toilets and Locker Rooms
  8. Activities Management
    1. Tour desk, gymnasium, events (e.g. Weddings, balls etc.)
    2. In house Services
    3. Recreation Facilities
    4. Guest Information Services
    5. Swimming Pools
    6. Spa & Sauna Facilities
    7. Activities Management
    8. Tourism
  9. Food & Beverage Service
    1. Types of Food Service (e.g. Room Service, Bar, Restaurant, Coffee Shop etc.)
    2. Kitchen Design & Equipment
    3. Service Facilities
    4. Food Service Management
    5. Food Purchasing
    6. Dealing with Complaints





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