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Certified AWS Developer (Voucher Included)

The AWS Developer course is designed for intermediate-level software developers and those looking to learn more about AWS's developing capabilities.

$1,995.00 (USD)




  1. Course Overview and the AWS Global Infrastructure
    1. Introduction to AWS Developer Associate Course and Exam Objectives
    2. Regions, Availability Zones, and Edge Locations
  2. AWS Security
    1. IAM Users, Groups, Permissions
    2. Access Keys and IAM Roles
    3. Identity Federation and Cognito
    4. KMS, HSM, and Secrets Manager
  3. Networking and Compute
    1. VPC Overview and VPC Subnets
    2. VPC Internet Connectivity, Routing, and NAT
    3. VPC Security Groups and ACLs
    4. CloudFront and Global Accelerator
    5. EC2 Overview and Launching a Server
    6. EC2 Storage
    7. EC2 Auto Scaling
    8. EC2 Elastic Loadbalancing
    9. Elastic Container Service Overview
  4. Databases
    1. Database Overview and RDS
    2. RDS Multi-AZ and Read Replicas
    3. Amazon Aurora
    4. Elasticache
    5. DynamoDB Overview, Table Creation, Modes, and Encryption
    6. DynamoDB Access Controls, Scans, Queries, Indexes
    7. DynamoDB DAX, Global Tables, Streams, and Additional Considerations
    8. DocumentDB
  5. Simple Storage Service (S3)
    1. S3 Overview, Bucket Creation, Object Upload, Storage Classes, and Lifecycle Policies
    2. S3 Object Paths, Data Consistency, and Limits
    3. S3 Encryption, Permissions, and Pre-signed URLs
    4. S3 Versioning, MFA Delete, and Object Lock
    5. S3 CORs, Server Access Logging, Event Notifications, Replication
    6. S3 Static Website Hosting
  6. Lambda, API Gateway, Step Functions
    1. Lambda Overview and Examples
    2. Lambda Features, Limits, and Permissions
    3. Step Functions
    4. API Gateway
  7. Messaging
    1. SQS
    2. SNS
    3. SES
  8. Elastic Beanstalk and Kinesis
    1. Elastic Beanstalk Overview
    2. Elastic Beanstalk Versions and Deployment Options
    3. Kinesis
  9. Developer Tools
    1. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Overview
    2. Code Commit, Artifact, Build, Deploy, and Pipeline
    3. CloudFormation and Sam
    4. SDKs, CLIs, and Simple Workflow Service
  10. Monitoring
    1. CloudWatch, CloudWatch Logs, and CloudWatch Events
    2. CloudTrail and X-Ray





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