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Certified Professional Life Coach (Exam Included)

Certified Professional Life Coach (Exam Included)
$1,795.00 (USD)




I. Awareness and Mindful Intention
A. Introduction to LCE
B. Setting Your Intention
C. How to Earn your CPC Credential
D. History of Modern Coaching
E. Power of a Professional Code of Ethics
F. Coaching Roles and Personal Qualities
G. Personal Qualities of Outstanding Coaches
H. Reasons to Hire a Coach
II. Awareness and Mindful Intention, Pt. 2
A. Focus on You
B. Life Metaphors
C. Your Life's Purpose
D. My Life Circle
E. Listening and Building Rapport
F. Standards of Practice and Rules of Engagement
G. Coaching YOUR Practice Client
III.Action Tools and Skills
A. Tools and Assessments
B. Positive Psychology
C. Personality Profiles
D. More Assessments for Coaching
E. Coaching Conversation Dynamics, Pt. 1
F. Coaching Conversation Dynamics, Pt. 2
G. Our Stories
H. The Three Potentials
I. The Coaching Cycle
J. Coaching Sessions
K. ICF Core Competencies
IV. Action Tools and Skills, Pt. 2
A. Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
B. Establishing the Coaching Agreement
C. Trust and Intimacy
D. Coaching Presence
E. Active Listening
F. Powerful Questioning
G. Direct Communication
H. Creating Awareness
I. Designing Actions
J. Planning and Goal Setting
K. Managing Progress and Accountability
V. Assumptions and Deeper Insight
A. Wellbeing: Positive Psychology Evolves
B. The Johari Window and Self Discovery
C. Emotional Intelligence 2.0
D. The Value of Values
E. My Ideal Life
VI. Shifting Perspective
A. The "A" Word
B. The Heart of the Matter
C. Freeze it! The Antidote to Anxiety
D. Freeze Frame Exercise
E. Sharing My Success
F. The Bedrock of Success: E+R=O
G. Self-Responsibility and Self-Esteem
H. The Last Resort in Self-Responsibility
I. Imagination: The Power to Shift
J. How I Scare Myself
K. Clean Up Your Messes
L. 20 Things I Love to Do
M. Uncommon Appreciation
VII. Accelerate Your Business Launch
A. Establish Your Business on Purpose
B. Envision Your Ideal Business
C. Make a Statement: Clarify Your Mission
D. Plan for Success: Begin with the End in Mind
D. Counting the Cost Quick Start
E. New Beginnings: Starting Small
F. Setting Your Coaching Fees
G. Four Strategies for Going the Distance
H. Finding Your Niche
I. Your Ideal Client is Waiting
J. My Ideal Client's Name is …
VIII. Accelerate Your Business Launch, Pt. 2
A. Six Strengths to Leverage Your Credibility
B. Start with Low Hanging Fruit
C. Use Your Voice to Define Your Expertise
D. Strategic Networking
E. Position Your Expertise
F. Marketing and Promotion
G. Referrals: The Road to Riches
H. Creating Your Marketing Plan





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