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High School Diploma With General Career Preparation

$1,295.00 (USD)




Prepare yourself for a career as you complete your high school diploma! In this certificate program, you'll earn 18 high school credits as you equip yourself for success in the job market. The program is entirely online, so you can work to achieve your goals at your own pace.

As you earn your diploma, you'll also gain valuable skills to prepare yourself for a job in a wide array of fields. You'll learn the computer skills needed in today’s job market—from emailing, using the Internet, and setting up a PC, to using office programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The program also covers the most fundamental on-the-job skills, including communication, professional conduct, time management, conflict resolution, and essential self-and work-management techniques. 

When you enroll, you are assigned an Academic Coach who will provide you with support and help you stay on track.  Should you need additional academic support, you will be assigned to one of our qualified instructors certified in the areas of mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies, who will work directly with you.

When you complete the program, you'll graduate with a high school diploma and a career-credentialed certificate. And you'll prepare for the job market by creating your own Career Portfolio, including a resume, cover letters and more. Don't delay your future—get started now in earning the skills and credentials you need for career success!

The career component of this program takes an estimate of 120 hours to complete; however, the hours for the High School Diploma general education can vary based on the number of high school credits you have prior to enrollment.

You will be given eighteen (18) months to complete the program; however, since the course work is self-paced, you may be able to complete it in less time.






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