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Professional Recovery Coach

Professional Recovery Coach
$1,695.00 (USD)



What You'll Learn…

In this program you will learn the effects of addiction on the brain and discover the foundational role that joy plays in recovery and how lasting, joyful connections are vital to the recovery process.  You will also learn the role of the Professional Recovery Coach along with the desired skills, traits and competencies needed for success in the coaching relationship.  This program will show you the tools to use to elicit client motivation and help clients to correct discrepancies in their thinking and beliefs. This program will also review special issues in working with families as well as ethical issues that are commonly addressed in Professional Recovery Coaching.


Upon completion of this program you will be able to:

  • Describe the effects of addiction on the brain’s right hemispheric control center, as well as the skills and abilities the brain loses in addiction.
  • Explain how the brain shares joy nonverbally, learns the skills of joy and quiet and grows capacity.
  • Identify cravings, BEEPS and the process by which the brain is hijacked in addiction.
  • Define what Recovery Coaching is and is not according to ethical standards.
  • Utilize strengths-based and solution-based questions to move clients from ambivalence to change.
  • Identify ways to build trust in the client/coach relationship.
  • Understand how a coach’s level of empathy can significantly impact client outcomes.
  • Learn to apply Cognitive Behavior Theory and Cognitive Restructuring when disputing faulty thinking.
  • Learn to recognize relapse triggers and co-create relapse prevention plans.
  • Follow ethical standards of conduct and review legally required documentation for providing coaching services.







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