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The Sterile Processing Technician (Voucher Included) includes: Medical Terminology
Sterile Processing Technician

Sterile Processing Technician (Voucher Included)

Prepare for a career as a Sterile Processing Technician (SPT). This immersive course will train you to work as an SPT and prepare you for the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) certification from the HSPA.

$2,795.00 (USD)



What you will learn

  • Define the sterile processor role, responsibilities, professional skill set, and communication expectations (including accurate use of medical terminology and anatomy) required in the central processing and surgical services departments
  • Identify sterile processing regulations and standards provided by regulatory agencies and professional associations to ensure workplace safety, infection prevention, and proper support for the ancillary departments
  • Discuss basic procedures and best practices for each phase of sterile processing, including decontamination, inspection, preparation, and sterilization of medical instruments and supplies
  • Discuss sterile storage considerations, guidelines, concerns, and common quality assurance procedures in the sterile processing department
  • Discuss the importance of following procedures to care for loaner instruments and manage inventory while using information management systems
  • Describe how to adhere to compliance when handling documentation and maintaining records
  • Explain the importance of effective communication, human relations, and personal development and how improving these skills can impact the career of a sterile processing technician

How you will benefit

  • You will have full comprehension and understanding of all tasks related to the role and responsibilities of an SPT
  • Assistance from our Clinical Experience Team and access to our Clinical Experience Starter Kit
  • You will be prepared to sit for the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) certification offered through Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA). A voucher is available upon eligibility






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