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CompTIA™ Cloud+ Certification Training

$1,495.00 (USD)


The CompTIA™ Cloud+ Certification Training program provides approximately 80 hours of online education. It is designed for individuals new to IT or those with limited experience and prior training. The program provides a solid foundation in key cloud computing skills and is aligned with the highly regarded, CompTIA™ Cloud+ industry certification.

This in-depth program focuses exclusively on cloud computing, starting with the basics of cloud service environments and building from there. It encompasses key areas including virtualization, infrastructure, troubleshooting, resource management, security, systems management, and business continuity.

This program blends visual, auditory, and hands-on learning. These applied learning activities are integrated throughout the program, to ensure you walk away with a working knowledge of the concepts taught, as well as the ability to implement them in real life situations.

You are able to set your own pace for learning, and will have a guided learning plan throughout the entire program. The program includes:

    •    A step-by-step learning plan and syllabus
    •    High quality video lectures with written transcriptions
    •    Textbook readings, specifically targeted to cover relevant areas and complement other learning activities
    •    Applied learning activities and hands-on labs
    •    Quizzes at key checkpoints to make sure you’ve mastered key concepts
    •    Unit and course tests that help you prepare for industry certification exams
    •    Online access to instructors for questions, explanations, and program-related support
    •    Tech support
    •    One-to-one support from your dedicated Student Advisor

Upon registering, you're given six (6) months to complete this program. 






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