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Certified Risk Adjustment Coder (Voucher Included)

Certified Risk Adjustment Coder
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In this course you will learn the varying risk adjustment models and the effects of predictive modeling and quality of care.  This information will help you understand the impact on risk adjustment models driven by quality of care and predictive modeling.

The financial impact of risk adjustment coding can be crucial.  You will understand how risk adjustment impacts the financial welfare of a practice.

You will be able to identify common errors in diagnosis coding and determine documentation barriers encountered when coding for risk adjustment.  Frequently coded conditions will also be discussed.

Finally, you will utilize practical diagnosis coding skills as they complete hands-on cases throughout the course.  This course will prepare you for a career in risk adjustment coding and for success on the CRC certification exam.

Upon completion of this program you will be prepared for the AAPC Certified Risk Adjustment Coder (CRC™) exam. The registration fee for the exam, AAPC membership, and CRC practice exams are included with this program.

This program is entirely online and is completed at your own pace. When you register, you receive six (6) months to complete this program.






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