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CompTIA Linux+ and Unix Training (Vouchers Included)

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By taking the Linux+ and Unix Certification Training program you will become an expert in one of the world’s most popular Operating Systems. In addition to the course, you will be working with Live Online Labs, allowing for intensive hands-on practice via Linux infrastructure. Linux and Unix are extremely popular within Fortune 500 and Government organizations, due to its ability to withstand large amounts of users as well as its ability for customization. With the amount of infrastructure built on these technologies, there is always a large demand for those that are proficient in the platform.

Prepares You For...

  • Linux Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • System Admin
  • Linux Specialist
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Support
  • Network Technician

CompTIA™ Linux+
  • LX0-103 & LX0-104 Exams

What You'll Learn...

In this program you will gain the knowledge and skills required to install, configure and support a Linux/UNIX server to meet your organization’s critical administrative needs.  You will learn to control and troubleshoot the boot process; attach local storage and create file systems; and deliver file, print and network service.  The hands-on live lab environment will help you prepare for your exam but also gain the real world experience necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Competency Checklist:

Upon completion of this program, you will know:

  • Unix Basic Commands
  • Shell scripting
  • Unix File Sharing
  • File Archiving Commands
  • Process Management
  • Back-up and compression
  • Creating Filesystem
  • Runlevels Process
  • Addition Assistive Technologies
  • Configuring Printing







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