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Graphic Design with Photoshop (Software Included)

$2,295.00 (USD)



I. Understanding the Client
A. Assessing client needs
B. What is the client trying to promote?
C. Who is the target audience?

II. Designing the Logo
A. Creating effective logo designs
B. Submitting proofs
C. Collaborating with the client
D. Making a final selection

III. Design, Layout, and Color Fundamentals
A. Defining the style and tone of the project
B. Understanding effective layouts
C. Choosing the right colors

IV. Working with Type
A. Understanding the role of type in graphic design
B. Identifying font characters
C. Choosing the right fonts for headings and body text
D. Working with blocks of text

V. Photo Editing
A. Opening a photo in Photoshop
B. Resizing the image
C. Cropping images
D. Using image retouching tools
E. Auto tone, color, and contrast
F. Creating a composite image

VI. Designing a Brochure
A. Laying out your brochure's six
B. Panels
C. Choosing colors and fonts
D. Selecting images
E. Building effective headline and body text
F. Fine-tuning your layout for visual impact and usefulness

VII. Creating Print Advertising
A. Designing an ad for print
B. Effective use of space
C. Conveying information
D. Creating a compelling image

VIII. Designing for the Web
A. Understanding the web design process
B. Creating web content
C. Designing an effective web page
D. Optimizing images for the web
E. Building a searchable page
F. Designing for social media

IX. Email Advertising
A. Creating email advertising
B. Creating an effective email blast
C. Designing a readable email
D. Working with automated email services

X. Bringing it all Together
A. Creating a complete marketing package
B. Production methods
C. Creating camera-ready art for print
D. Website options





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