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Mobile Web Developer

$2,295.00 (USD)



Learn the basics of Web Development and HTML.

  • Differentiate between HTML and XHTML
  • Create links in documents
  • Add images to documents
  • Create tables
  • Create forms
  • Create dynamic web applications and visual effects using Dynamic HTML

Start building HTML5 pages today.

  • Recognize the major benefits of HTML5
  • Understand the difference between HTML5 and HTML4
  • Familiarize yourself with new elements and attributes
  • Work with audio and video
  • Work with the new Canvas element to create code-based drawings
  • Use Web Storage for offline applications
  • Use all the new form elements
  • Know about the current state of browser support and how to make sites degrade gracefully
  • Leverage capabilities to present mobile-friendly sites

Learn the benefits of CSS

  • Avoid using deprecated tags and attributes
  • Use CSS Syntax, organize code, and use
    and tags appropriately
  • Know the common properties and their values
  • Create custom CSS cursors
  • Style links to create “CSS Buttons”
  • Work with borders, margin, and padding (the box model)
  • Style tables and position elements
  • Use advanced page layout techniques
  • Use shorthand properties
  • Create effects with background images
  • Lay out forms with tables
  • Use CSS with lists to create hierarchical navigation
  • Know about browser support
  • Understand how to use Media Queries to display content modified to fit the client device

Learn how JavaScript is used.

  • Use JavaScript Syntax and review basics
  • Know about objects, methods, and properties
  • Work with JavaScript variables and create functions
  • Write flow control logic
  • Validate forms
  • Create roll-over images
  • Open and work with new windows
  • Work with timers and intervals
  • Use the navigator history and location objects
  • Review JavaScript functions and the DOM
  • Create dynamic forms and web applications
  • Review XmlHttpRequest and JSON
  • Use advanced techniques, such as anonymous function
  • Use regular expressions for advanced form validation
  • Create dynamic menus and modify content

Get started with jQuery

  • Work with the jQuery Core
  • Handle events
  • Create effects
  • Build Ajax applications
  • Write and use plugins
  • Write high-performing applications
  • Organize code
  • Know how to use jQuery Mobile framework to add support for touch and other gestures
  • Know about jQuery Mobile’s capabilities, supported devices, and support for accessibility
  • Use jQuery Mobile to make calls, send SMS text message, send emails, and display video
  • Extend jQuery Mobile’s capabilities with ThemeRoller framework

Take further steps in becoming a Mobile Web Developer.

  • Know how one website can respond to the specific needs of the environment on which it is being viewed, presenting a layout appropriate for mobile
  • Understand the varying levels of support for some features among different devices
  • Understand the GeoLocation API and use it to integrate the user's location into websites.
  • Integrate video and other media appropriately for mobile devices
  • Use the Foundation framework to abstract low-level responsive coding and to create grid-based layouts
  • Create page transitions, dialogs, and buttons optimized for mobile
  • Incorporate phone-friendly forms, sliders, dialogs, and other widgets
  • Handle touch, phone-orientation, scrolling and other phone events
  • Create plugins and incorporate others' plugins into your code








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