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Web Applications Developer

$2,395.00 (USD)





I.    Introduction to HTML
                A. A Quick Overview of Web Development
                B. Introduction to HTML
                C. Paragraphs, Headings and Text 
                D. HTML Links 
                E. HTML Images
                F. HTML Lists
                G. HTML Tables
                H. HTML Forms
II.   Introduction to CSS
                A. Crash Course in CSS 
                B. CSS Fonts
                C. CSS Text 
                D. Backgrounds and Colors
                E. CSS and Links 
                F. Borders, Margins and Padding 
                G.  Styling Tables with CSS 
                H. Transforms and Transitions  

III.  Advanced CSS
A. Positioning and Visibility 
                B. Advanced CSS Page Layout
                C. Media Queries 
                D. CSS Shorthand Properties 
                E. CSS Lists as Hierarchical Navigation
                F. CSS Background Tricks 
                G. Laying out and Styling Forms with CSS
                H. CSS Best Practices
                I. Browser-compatibility Issues

IV.    Introduction to JavaScript
                A. JavaScript Basics
                B. Variables, Arrays and Operators
                C. JavaScript Functions
                D. Event Handlers
                E. Built-In JavaScript Objects
                F. Conditionals and Loops
                G. JavaScript Form Validation
                H. The HTML Document Object Model
                I. CSS Object Model
                J. Images, Windows and Timers
                K. Debugging and Testing with Chrome

V.    Advanced JavaScript
                A. Scope
                B. Advanced Objects
                C. Advanced Functions
                D. Advanced Arrays
                E. XHR
                F. JSON
                G. Errors and Exceptions
                H. Regular Expressions 

VI.    Advanced HTML
                A. Laying out a Page with HTML5
                B. HTML5 - How We Got Here
                C. Sections and Articles
                D. HTML5 Audio and Video
                E. HTML5 Forms
                F. HTML5 Web Storage
                G. HTML5 Canvas
                H. Integrated APIs

VII.    Introduction to SQL Training
                A. Relational Database Basics
                B. Simple SELECTs
                C. Advanced SELECTs
                D. Subqueries, Joines and Unions

VIII.    Introduction to PHP Training
                A. PHP Basics
                B. Flow Control
                C. Arrays
                D. PHP and HTML Forms
                E. String Manipulation
                F. Reusing Code and Writing Functions
                G. Managing Data
                H. Authentication with PHP and SQL
                I. Regular Expressions
                J. Session Control and Cookies
                K. Sending Email with PHP
                L. File System Management

IX.    Introduction to XML Training
                A. XML Basics
                B. DTDs
                C. XML Schema Basics
                D. Simple-Type Elements
                E. XSLT Basics

X.    Ajax Training
                A. A Quick Overview of Web Development
                B. Intro to Ajax and the Node.js Server
                C. Ajax Basics
                D. jQuery
                E. Passing Data
                F. Ajax Applications
                G. More Ajax Applications
                H. CORS/JSONP







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