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Video Game Design and Development

Using a comprehensive and analytical approach to game engine architectures, this online course will teach you how to effectively design and develop games.

$2,145.00 (USD)




  1. C++ Programming for Game Developers I
    1. How to Create a C++ Program, Console Input and Output, Variable, and Arithmetic Operators
    2. Logical Operators, Controlling Program Flow, Repetition, and Arrays
    3. Functions
    4. References and Pointers
    5. Classes and Object-oriented Programming Design
    6. Strings
    7. Operator Overloading
    8. File Input and Output
    9. Inheritance and Polymorphism
  2. C++ Programming for Game Developers II
    1. Template Classes and Template Functions
    2. Error Handling
    3. Number Systems, Data Representations, and Bit Operations
    4. The Standard Template Library
    5. Introduction to Windows Programming
    6. Menus and Drawing with GDI
    7. Dialog Boxes
    8. Timing, Animation, and Sprites
    9. Designing and Implementing a 2D Game
  3. Game Mathematics
    1. Real Numbers
    2. Algebra
    3. Set Theory and Functions
    4. Polynomials
    5. Trigonometry
    6. Vector Mathematics
    7. Matrix Mathematics
    8. Quaternion Algebra
    9. Linear Transformations
    10. Analytic Geometry
  4. General Game Modeling and Texturing
    1. Interface and Rendering Modes
    2. Primitives, Meshes, and Mesh Editing
    3. Pivots and Manipulators
    4. The 3D Cursor
    5. Object Join, Separate, Duplication
    6. Polygon Structure and Count
    7. Modeling with Bevel, Extrude, Multiresolution Modifiers
    8. Spin Tool and Splines
    9. Image Planes
    10. Texture Maps and UV Unwrapping
    11. Creating and Saving Scenes
  5. Unreal Engine Foundation
    1. Creating Projects and Understanding the User Interface
    2. Viewport Navigation
    3. View Modes and Show Flags
    4. Placing Objects in a Level
    5. The Content Browser
    6. Material Creation
    7. Basic Scene Lighting
    8. Introduction to Blueprints






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