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Contact: Vicky Buss
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Professional Translator

$2,395.00 (USD)



I. Principles of Translation
A. Identification of potentially awkward transfers into Spanish
B. Explanation of the various tools to filter any potential interference into Spanish.
C. Class activities – Translation of selected passages into Spanish
D. Interactive activities into Spanish
E. Proper usage of Spanish grammar
F. How prepositions change meaning in the transfer into Spanish
G. Identification of potentially awkward transfers into English
H. Comprehension of the message taking into account cross cultural differences
I. Translation protocol – Abbreviations and proper nouns
J. Class activities – Translation of selected passages into English
K. Interactive activities into English
L. Proper usage of English grammar
M. Prepositions and how they can change the message into English.

II. Advanced Translation Skills – From Spanish into English
A. General aspects of translations
B. Equivalence at word level and False Cognates
C. Context and translation
D. False Cognates – Forms and function in language and translation
E. Proofreading
F. Genres in translation
G. Types of meaning – expressive, connotative, attitudinal
H. Translating spoken interactions
I. Language and culture – cross cultural differences
J. Class activities
K. Interactive activities

III. Advanced Translation Skills – From English into Spanish
A. Typical mistakes made by non-trained translators in the transfer into Spanish
B. Prepositions and their impact on the transfer into Spanish
C. Proper grammatical transfers into Spanish
D. Translation of literary material into Spanish
E. Ambiguity and redundancy
F. Modulation
G. Transposition
H. Style and protocol in the transfer of abbreviations and proper noun
I. Class activities
J. Interactive activities





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