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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Certification Training

$795.00 (USD)



            SharePoint 2010 End User

I.    Lesson 1: SharePoint 2010 Introduction
    A. Navigation Basics
    B. Team Site Layout
    C. Lab: Team Site Navigation

II.    Lesson 2: SharePoint List Basics
    A. List Templates
    B. Creating Lists
    C. List Columns
    D. Column Validation
    E. Lab: Creating Lists

III.    Lesson 3: Library Basics
    A. Library Templates
    B. Creating Libraries
    C. Versioning
    D. Lab: Creating Libraries

IV.    Lesson 4: Working with List and Library Views
    A. Default Views
    B. Custom Views
    C. Lab: Creating and Working with Views

V.    Lesson 5: Working with Sites
    A. Site Templates
    B. Creating Sites
    C. Site Navigation
    D. Lab: Creating Sites

VI.    Lesson 6: Page Content
    A. Wiki Library Pages
    B. Web Part Pages
    C. Working with Web Parts
    D. Lab: Creating Content Pages

VII.    Lesson 7: Forms Library
    A. Creating a Forms Library
    B. Creating InfoPath Forms
    C. Publishing InfoPath Forms
    D. Lab: Creating and Publishing InfoPath Forms

VIII.    Lesson 8: Site Columns and Content Types
    A. Site Column Gallery
    B. Creating Site Columns
    C. Site Content Type Gallery
    D. Creating Content Types
    E. Lab: Creating and Working with Content Types

IX.    Lesson 9: Office Integration
    A. Excel Integration
    B. Outlook Integration
    C. Access Integration
    D. SharePoint Workspace

X.    Lesson 10: Managing SharePoint Site Permissions
    A. SharePoint Groups
    B. Assigning Permissions
    C. Permission Levels
    D. Permissions Inheritance
    E. Lab: Working with SharePoint Permissions

XI.    Lesson 11: Participating in User Communities
    A. Configure My Site
    B. Collaborate through My Site
    C. Tag and Note Content

            SharePoint 2010 Power User

I.    Lesson 1: Content Approval
    A. Enabling Content Approval
    B. Content Approval Workflow
    C. Lab: Content Approval
    D. Lab: Content Approval Workflow

II.    Lesson 2: Creating Custom Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010
    A. Custom List Workflows
    B. Workflows Actions and Conditions
    C. Workflow Variables
    D. Reusable Workflows
    E. Lab: Creating Custom List Workflows
    F. Lab: Creating Reusable Workflows

III.    Lesson 3: Working with Managed Metadata
    A. Managed Metadata Service
    B. Creating a Term Store and Terms
    C. Creating Metadata Columns in Lists and Libraries
    D. Publishing Content Types
    E. Lab: Creating a Term Store
    F. Lab: Creating Managed Metadata Columns

IV.    Lesson 4: Business Connectivity Services
    A. Managing Business Connectivity Services
    B. Creating an External Content Type with SharePoint Designer
    C. Creating a List from an External Content Type
    D. Lab: Creating an External Content Type
    E. Lab: Defining a SharePoint List from an External Content Type

V.    Lesson 5: Information Management Policy
    A. Define an Information Management Policy for a Content Type
    B. Define an Information Management Policy for a List
    C. Lab: Create an Information Management Policy for a List

VI.    Lesson 6: Content Organizer
    A. Activating the Content Organizer Feature
    B. Configuring Content Organizer Settings
    C. Configuring Content Organizer Rules
    D. Lab: Activating and Configuring Content Organizer Feature

VII.    Lesson 7: Document ID Service
    A. Activating the Document ID Feature
    B. Configuring Document ID Settings
    C. Lab: Activating and Configuring the Document ID Service

VIII.    Lesson 8: Document Sets
    A. Activating the Document Sets Feature
    B. Creating a Document Set Content Type
    C. Adding a Document Set Content Type to a Library
    D. Lab: Activating and Configuring Document Sets Feature

IX.    Lesson 9: SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
    A. Activating the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
    B. Publishing Infrastructure Basics
    C. Creating Pages with Page Layouts
    D. Lab: Activating Publishing Infrastructure
    E. Lab: Creating Publishing Pages

X.    Lesson 10: Configuring and Consuming Site Search Results
    A. Administer Search at the Site Level
    B. Search SharePoint for Content
    C. View Search Results
    D. Perform Advanced Searches
    E. Search for People





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