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Lean Training (Exam Cost Included)

$695.00 (USD)



  1. Introduction to Lean
    1. What Is Lean?
    2. The History of Lean
    3. The Focus of Lean
    4. What Is a Lean Process?
    5. Why Do Organizations Use Lean?
    6. The Cost of Poor Quality
    7. Focus on the Process
    8. Lean Principles
    9. How Do You Define Value?
    10. What Is Flow?
    11. The Concept of Pull
    12. The Impact of Pull
    13. How Do You Pursue Perfection?
  2. How to Establish Current State
    1. PDCA
    2. A3
    3. 8 Wastes
    4. Organizational Level Process Map
    5. Value Stream Map (VSM)
    6. Swimlane Map
    7. Process Walk
    8. Spaghetti Chart
    9. Customer Value
    10. Lean Metrics
    11. Process Analysis
    12. Value Stream Map Analysis
    13. Histogram
    14. Pareto Chart
    15. The 5 Whys & The Fishbone Diagram
  3. How to Develop Future Stat
    1. Single Piece Flow & Batch Reduction
    2. Changeover Reduction
    3. Work Cell Design
    4. Workload Balancing & Demand Levelling
    5. Cross Training
    6. Kanban & Supermarkets
    7. Standard Work
    8. Visual Management
    9. 5S
    10. Value Stream Map Future State
    11. Quick Wins
    12. Rapid Improvement Event (Kaizen Event)
    13. Pilots
    14. Multi-Phase Implementation
    15. Mistake-Proofing (Poka Yoke)
    16. Pursue Perfection
  4. How to Build a Lean Culture
    1. Leader Standard Work (LSW)
    2. Leader Task Boards
    3. A3 Coaching
    4. Leader Process Performance Boards
    5. Leader Huddle Meetings
    6. Leader Process Walks
    7. Meeting Productivity
    8. Stakeholder Analysis
    9. Communication Plan





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