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Full Stack Software Developer

full stack developer
$4,995.00 (USD)





I.    User Centric Frontend Development

A. Introduction to an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
B. Introduction to Cloud 9
C. The Cloud 9 Ecosystem
D. The Command-line Interface
E. Git Basics
F. GitHub
G. Debugging HTML & CSS In the Browser
H. Introduction to Responsive Web Design
I. Media queries
J. Mobile vs desktop approach
K. CSS transitions
L. CSS animations
M. CSS transformations
N. CSS witchcraft
O. Bootstrap Basecamp
P. Core CSS & The Grid System
Q. Components
R. Beyond Bootstrap
S. Introduction to User Experience Design (UXD)
T. The Strategy Plane
U. The Scope Plane
V. The Structure Plane
W. The Skeleton Plane
X. The Surface Plane
Y. Putting it all together - Resumé Mini Project I
Z. Milestone Project
AA. Learn definitions and tasks performed by peer specialists
BB. Learn the value of inspiring hope and contributing to the development of a recovery culture
CC. Be introduced to appropriate roles in the workplace
DD. Understand how their own values are formed and how understanding themselves effects the way in which they understand others
EE. Be introduced to concepts such as conflict resolution, cultural competency and tolerance
FF. Understand the importance of self-care and design a self-care plan

II.    Interactive Frontend Development

A. Introduction to Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (Sass)
B. CSS Extensions
C. SCSS as a scripting language
D. Structuring with SCSS
E. Responsive Design with SCSS
F. Test-Driven Development Using Jasmine
G. Introduction to jQuery
H. jQuery Events
I. Traversing the DOM
J. Introduction to Data Visualizations
K. Scalable Vector Graphics
L. D3.js
M. DC.js and Crossfilter.js
N. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
O. Consuming APIs Using JavaScript
P. Data & The DOM
Q. Putting it all together - Resumé Mini Project II
R. Milestone Project

III.    Practical Python

A. Core Python
B. Getting Started with Python in Cloud 9
C. Test Driven Development with Python
D. Getting to grips with algorithms
E. Boggle Solver Part One
F. Boggle Solver Part Two
G. Reading and writing to files
H. The Flask Framework
I. Getting Started with Flask
J. Applying Styles
K. Flask and Data
L. Routing and Templates
M. Deploying to Heroku
N. Putting it all together - Flask Chat Application Mini Project
O. Milestone Project

IV.    Data Centric Development

A. Data Fundamentals
B. Data Store Types
C. Database Fundamentals
D. Relational Database Design
E. A Database Management System in Action - MySQL
F. SQL In Action
G. Python and MySQL
H. Twitter API - Setup and Trends
I. Twitter API - Tweets I
J. Twitter API - Tweets II
K. Twitter Streams - Storing
L. Twitter Streams - Reading Back
M. Introduction to Go Humongous with MongoDB
N. Create a MongoDB Database
O. Manipulate Data Using Mongo Shell
P. Manipulate Data Programmatically with Python
Q. Manipulate Data with A Custom User Interface
R. Putting it all together - Flask Task Manager Application Mini Project
S. Milestone Project

V.    Full Stack Frameworks

A. Hello Django
B. Testing Django
C. Heroku toolbelt
D. Making our code deployment ready
E. Deploying to Heroku
F. Environments, Automation & Security
G. Introduction to Authentication & Authorization
H. Getting Set Up
I. Logging Out
J. Creating Login Functionality
K. Authorization
L. User Registration & Profiles
M. Password Reset
N. Custom Authentication
O. Bootstrapping A Django Project
P. Create a Blog
Q. Create Models, Views and URLs
R. Create HTML templates and CSS styles
S. Blog Deployment
T. Putting it all together - Django ECommerce Application Mini Project
U. Milestone Project





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