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ITIL Lifecycle Expert

$1,995.00 (USD)



I.    ITIL Service Strategy
        A.    Introduction
        B.    Introduction to Service Strategy
        C.    Strategy Basics
        D.    Strategy and Services
        E.    Service Economics
        F.    Utility and Warranty
        G.    Value and Customer Satisfaction
        H.    Service Provider Types and Sourcing
         I.    FMITS Introduction
        J.    FMITS Process Management
        K.    Service Portfolio Management Introduction
        L.    Service Portfolio Management Process Management
        M.    Service Portfolio Management: Defining Services
        N.    SMITS
        O.    Demand Management
        P.    Business Relationship Management Introduction
        Q.    Business Relationship Management Process Management
        R.    Governance
        S.    Organisational Development and Design
        T.    Technology Consideration
        U.    Service Strategy through the Lifecycle
        V.    Challenges, Risks and CSFs
        W.    Sample Exam
        X.    Practice Exams

II.    ITIL Service Operation
        A.    Introduction
        B.    Foundation Review
        C.    Introduction to Service Operation
        D.    Service Operation Principles
        E.    Service Operation Processes
        F.    Service Operation through the Lifecycle
        G.    Common SO Activities
        H.    Organising SO
         I.    Organising SO
        J.    Technology Considerations
        K.    Implementing SO
        L.    Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
        M.    Sample Exam
        N.    Practice Exams

III.    ITIL Service Design
        A.    Introduction
        B.    Foundation Review
        C.    Service Management Practice
        D.    Introduction to Service Design
        E.    Service Design Principles
        F.    5 Design Aspects
        G.    BSM and SOA
        H.    Service Catalogue Management
         I.    Service Level Management
        J.    Capacity Management
        K.    Availability Management
        L.    ITSCM
        M.    Information Security Management
        N.    Supplier Management
        O.    Design Coordination
        P.    Technology Related Activities
        Q.    Organising for Service Design
        R.    Consideration of Technology
        S.    Implementation and Improvement
        T.    Sample Exam
        U.    Practice Exams

IV.    ITIL Service Transition
        A.    Introduction
        B.    Foundation Review
        C.    Introduction to Service Transition
        D.    Service Transition Principles
        E.    Transition Planning and Support
        F.    Change Management
        G.    Service Asset and Configuration Management
        H.    Release and Deployment Management
         I.    Service Validation and Testing
        J.    Change Evaluation
        K.    Knowledge Management
        L.    Managing Communication and Commitment
        M.    Managing Organisational and Stakeholder Change
        N.    Stakeholder Management
        O.    Organising for Service Transition
        P.    Technology Consideration
        Q.    Introducing Service Transition
        R.    Challenges, CSFs and Risks
        S.    Sample Exam
        T.    Practice Exams

V.    ITIL Continual Service Improvement

        A.    Introduction
        B.    Foundation Review
        C.    Service Management as a Practice
        D.    Introduction to CSI
        E.    CSI Principles Part 1
        F.    CSI Principles Part 2
        G.    7 Step Improvement Process
        H.    CSI through the Lifecycle
         I.    Service Measurement
        J.    Metrics and Measurement
        K.    ROI and the Business Case
        L.    Reporting, SLM and the Business
        M.    Assessments and Benchmarking
        N.    Measurement and Reporting Frameworks and the Deming Cycle
        O.    Supporting Methods and Techniques
        P.    Organising for CSI
        Q.    CSFs, Challenges and Risks
        R.    Implementing CSI
        S.    Technology Considerations
        T.    Sample Exam
        U.    Practice Exams

VI.    ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle
        A.    Service Lifecycle Key Concepts
        B.    Communication and Stakeholder Management
        C.    Process Integration Across the Lifecycle
        D.    Managing Services Across the Lifecycle
        E.    Governance and the Organisation
        F.    Measurement
        G.    Implementing and Improving Service Management
        H.    Sample Exam
         I.    Practice Exams

VII.    Implementing ITSM
        A.    IT Service Management Visioning
        B.    ITSM Assessment
        C.    ITSM Planning
        D.    ITSM Initial Wins
        E.    ITSM Design
        F.    ITSM Transition
        G.    Ongoing Improvement





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