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EXIN Cloud Computing

$695.00 (USD)


EXIN Cloud Computing is not only a technical cloud course, but also focuses on the business and management side of cloud computing as well. These skill-sets are incredibly valuable as the cloud market consistently grows by over 10% per year. With this credential, you will be well prepared for positions requiring high level cloud technology expertise. By taking this course, you will become proficient in all areas of cloud technology, allowing you to have a significant advantage in the marketplace.

This course also prepares you for the EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification exam. Cloud technology has exploded in popularity over the past 5 years, with thousands of companies adopting this type of infrastructure. Since the adoption of cloud computing has happened so rapidly, with cloud certifications you stand to benefit greatly in marketability for high level positions.

In addition to learning how to implement and maintain the technology, you will become well versed in all security measures to protect a corporate infrastructure from any security liabilities in using cloud technology. If you are looking for advancement or entry in the IT field you will find this certification extremely valuable in assisting in finding employment and/or increasing your marketability, due to the massive demand for cloud certified professionals.






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