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IT Foundations Bundle (Vouchers Included)

$1,795.00 (USD)



ITIL Foundation

I. Introducing ITIL
II. Service management and stakeholders
III. Functions, roles and processes
IV. The service lifecycle
V. Service Strategy key concepts
VI. Service Strategy processes
VII. Service Design key concepts
VIII. Service Design processes (1)
IX. Service Design processes (2)
X. Service Transition processes (1)
XI. Service Transition processes (2)
XII. Service Operation processes
XIII. Service Operation functions
XV. Roles
XVI. Technology considerations
XVII. The sample exam

DevOps Foundation

I. Why DevOps?
II. Introducing DevOps Part 1
III. Introducing DevOps Part 2
IV. DevOps and other Frameworks Part 1
V. DevOps and other Frameworks Part 2
VI. DevOps Culture
VII. Organizational Considerations
VIII. DevOps Practices the First Way
IX. DevOps Practices the Second and Third Way
X. DevOps and IT Service Management Processes
XI. Automation Practices and Tool Categories
XII. Adopting a DevOps Culture
XIII. Summary and Exam Preparation

SIAM Foundation

I.             Introduction to SIAM
II.            Purpose and value
III.           The SIAM ecosystem
IV.           SIAM structures
V.            SIAM roadmap part 1
VI.          SIAM roadmap part 2
VII.         SIAM roadmap part 3
VIII.        SIAM roadmap part 4
IX.          SIAM roles and responsibilities part 1
X.           SIAM roles and responsibilities part 2
XI.          SIAM roles and responsibilities part 3
XII.         SIAM practices part 1
XIII.        SIAM practices part 2
XIV.        Processes part 1
XV.         Processes part 2
XVI.        Challenges and risks part 1
XVII.      Challenges and risks part 2
XVIII.     Challenges and risks part 3
XIX.        LSIAM and other practices part 1
XX.         SIAM and other practices part 2
XXI.        Exam preparation





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