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The Medical Office Manager (CPPM) (Vouchers Included) includes: Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS)
Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) (Voucher Included)
Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM)
Medical Terminology
Microsoft Word 2016 Certification Training
Microsoft Excel 2016 Certification Training

Medical Office Manager (CPPM) (Vouchers Included)

$3,995.00 (USD)
List Price: $5,275.00
Save: $1,280.00 (24% off)




Microsoft Word 2016
        I.    Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016
       II.    Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016
      III.    Advanced Microsoft Word 2016
      IV.    Microsoft Word 2016 Final Exam

Microsoft Excel 2016

        I.    Introduction to Microsoft Excel
       II.    Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016
      III.    Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016
      IV.    Microsoft Excel Final Exam

Medical Terminology

  1. Introduction to Medical Terminology
  2. The Musculoskeletal System
  3. The Cardiovascular System
  4. The Lymphatic and Immune Systems
  5. The Respiratory System
  6. The Digestive System
  7. The Urinary System
  8. The Nervous System
  9. The Special Senses the Eyes and Ears
  10. The Integumentary System
  11. The Endocrine System
  12. The Reproductive System
  13. Diagnostic Procedures, Nuclear Medicine, Pharmacology

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

        I.    Becoming an Administrative Medical Assistant
       II.    Managing Stress and Improving Communication
      III.    Law, Ethics and Healthcare
      IV.    Improving Your Medical Office
       V.    Computers in the Ambulatory Care Setting
      VI.    Telecommunications and Patient Scheduling
      VII.    Medical Terminology:  Word Parts, Plurals, Abbreviations
     VIII.    Managing Medical Records
       IX.    Written Communication
        X.    Working with Medical Documents
       XI.    Medical Billing and Coding:  An Overview
      XII.    Daily Financial Practices
     XIII.    The Administrative Medical Assistant as Office Manager      

Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist
        I.    An Overview of EHR and CEHRS
       II.    Steps to EHR Implementation
      III.    The EHR Framework
      IV.    HIPAA Requirements and EHR Systems
       V.    The EHR and Record Content
      VI.    Patient Visit
     VII.    Problem, Medication, and Allergy Lists
    VIII.    Examination/Assessment Notes, Graphics, and Charts
      IX.    Treatment Plans, Orders, and Results
       X.    Medication Orders and Administration
      XI.    Patient Communications
     XII.    Coding, Billing, and Practice Reports
    XIII.    Research, Registries, and Reportable Events
    XIV.    Personal Health Records and Continuing Care Records

Certified Physician Practice Manager

        I.    Introduction to health care business processes and workflow
       II.    Principles of physician reimbursement
      III.    Health care revenue cycle management
      IV.    Basic principles in medical office accounting
       V.    Health care reform
      VI.    Quality in health care
     VII.    Electronic medical records (EMRs)
    VIII.    Modern health IT and interoperability
      IX.    HIPAA and patient data security
       X.    Fraud and abuse and corporate compliance
      XI.    Marketing and business relationships
     XII.    Space planning and operational flows
    XIII.    Business continuity





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