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The Optical Manager includes: Optician Certification Training
Microsoft Word 2016 Certification Training (Vouchers Included)
Microsoft Excel 2016 Certification Training (Vouchers Included)
Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2018 (Software Included)

Optical Manager

Optical Manager
$3,995.00 (USD)
List Price: $5,790.00
Save: $1,795.00 (31% off)






I.    Lesson 1: 
What Is an Optician?
II.    Lesson 2: 
The Parts of the Eye
III.    Lesson 3: 
Refractive Errors
IV.    Lesson 4: 
Strabismus and Amblyopia
V.    Lesson 5: 
Other Common Ocular Conditions
VI.    Lesson 6: 
Frame Basics
VII.    Lesson 7: 
Frame Styling
VIII.    Lesson 8: 
Aligning Frames
IX.    Lesson 9: 
Adjusting Frames
X.    Lesson 10: 
A Quick Look at Light
XI.    Lesson 11: 
Reading a Prescription
XII.    Lesson 12: 
More About Prescriptions and Lens Types
XIII.    Lesson 13: 
Lens Materials
XIV.    Lesson 14: 
Prism Basics
XV.    Lesson 15: 
Fresnel Prisms
XVI.    Lesson 16: 
Optical Effects of Lens Curvature
XVII.    Lesson 17: 
Multifocal Lens Considerations
XVIII.    Lesson 18: 
The Manual Lensometer
XIX.    Lesson 19: 
More About Opticianry Measurements and Calculations
XX.    Lesson 20: 
Simple Math and Algebra
XXI.    Lesson 21: 
Soft Contact Lenses
XXII.    Lesson 22: 
Gas-Permeable Contact Lenses
XXIII.    Lesson 23: 
Legal Responsibilities and Ethics
XXIV.    Lesson 24: 
Preparing for the ABO Exam

Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2017 (Software Included)

I.      Bookkeeping Concepts
    A. Bookkeeping Defined
    B. The Journal and The Ledger
    C. Special Journals and the Worksheet
    D. Financial Statements and Closing the Books
    E. Merchandising Accounts
    F. Depreciation and Checking Accounts
    G. Petty Cash and Interest
    H. Payroll, Partnerships, and Corporations

II.     QuickBooks – Introductory Concepts
    A. Getting Started
    B. The Chart of Accounts
    C. Company Lists
    D. Bank Accounts
    E. Fixed Assets and Depreciation
    F. Accounts Payable I
    G. Accounts Payable II
    H. Accounts Receivable I
    I. Accounts Receivable II
    J. Accounts Receivable III
    K. Inventory and Estimating
    L. Reporting

III.     QuickBooks – Intermediate Concepts
A. Working with Company Files
    B. Securing Your Company Files
    C. List Items and Inventory
    D. Ordering and Selling Inventory
    E. Vendor Discounts and Credits and Adjusting Inventory
    F. Tracking Price Levels and Customer Discounts
    G. Tracking Vehicle Mileage
    H. Working with Customer Balances
    I. Batch Invoicing and Creating Letters
    J. Petty Cash and Gift Cards
    K. Owner Transactions and Journal Entries
    L. Loans and Budgets

Microsoft Word 2016

I.      Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016
    A. Creating a Microsoft Word Document
    B. The Ribbon
    C. The File Tab
    D. The Quick Access Toolbar
    E. Formatting Microsoft Word Documents
    F. Editing Documents
    G. Finalizing Microsoft Word Documents
    H. Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016 Exam

II.     Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016
A. Advanced Formatting
    B. Working with Tables
    C. Working with Images
    D. Page Layout
    E. Working with Illustrations
    F. Viewing Your Document(s)
    G. Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016 Exam

III.     Advanced Microsoft Word 2016
    A. Working with Long Documents
    B. Reviewing and Collaborating on Documents
    C. Comparing and Combining Documents
    D. Managing Mailings
    E. Protecting Documents
    F. Random Useful Items
    G. Advanced Microsoft Word 2016 Exam

IV. Microsoft Word 2016 Final Exam

Microsoft Excel

     I.    Introduction to Microsoft Excel
        A.    Creating a Microsoft Excel Workbook
        B.    The Ribbon
        C.    The Backstage View (The File Menu)
        D.    Entering Data in Microsoft Excel Worksheets
        E.    Formatting Microsoft Excel Worksheets
        F.    Using Formulas in Microsoft Excel
        G.    Working with Rows and Columns
        H.    Editing Worksheets
        I.    Finalizing Microsoft Excel Worksheets
        J.    Microsoft Excel Features that Were New in 2013
        K.    Features New in 2016
        L.    Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016 Exam

II.    Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016
A.    Advanced Formulas
        B.    Working with Lists
        C.    Working with Illustrations
        D.    Visualizing Your Data
        E.    Working with Tables
        F.    Advanced Formatting
        G.    Microsoft Excel Features that Were New in 2013
        H.    Features New in 2016
        I.    Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016 Exam

III.    Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016
A.    Using Pivot Tables
        B.    Auditing Worksheets
        C.    Data Tools
        D.    Working with Others
        E.    Recording and Using Macros
        F.    Random Useful Items
        G.    Microsoft Excel Features that Were New in 2013
        H.    Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016 Exam

IV.    Microsoft Excel Final Exam





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