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Medical Interpreter (Spanish/English)

$2,395.00 (USD)



I. Introduction to Medical Interpretation I

A. Medical Vocabulary – The Human Body
B. Pre-anesthesia record form
C. Medical Vocabulary – System and Senses
D. Refusal to permit blood transfusion
E. Medical Vocabulary – Signs and Symptoms
F. Medical Condition form
G. Intravenous Contrast Injection Consent
H. Medical Vocabulary - Facilities and Staff
I. Discharge Instructions
J. Colloquialism
K. Medical Vocabulary - Treatment Procedures,
Instruments, Supplies and Medications
L. Industrial Accidents - Workers' Compensation
M. Medical Vocabulary - Pregnancy and Delivery
N. Simultaneous Techniques
O. Consecutive Techniques
P. Interpreting Laboratory Practices

II. Introduction to Medical Interpretation II

A. Medical Vocabulary - Pediatric/Neonatal Care
B. Medical Vocabulary - Family Planning
C. Interpreting for Hospitals – Parents' Rights & Responsibilities
D. Medical Vocabulary - Communicable Diseases
E. Interpreting for Hospitals - Taking Care of Mom
F. Interpreting for Hospitals - The "Baby Blues"
G. Medical Vocabulary - Sexually Transmitted Diseases
H. Interpreting for Hospitals - Consent for Cath Lab Procedure
I. Medical Vocabulary - Dental Health
J. Interpreting for Hospitals - Environmental History Form for Pediatric Asthma Patient
K. Medical Vocabulary - Substance Abuse
L. Interpreting for Hospitals - OSHA Required
M. Idiomatic Expressions - English into Spanish
N. Interpreting for Hospitals - Adult History Form
O. Interpreting for Hospitals - Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Imaging Information
P. Legal Terminology used in Medical Matters
Q. Interpreting for Hospitals - Advance Directive
R. Interpreting Laboratory Practices

III. Sight Translation for Medical Interpreters

A. Principles of localization
B. Re-structuring techniques
C. Principles of reversibility and non-reversibility of Medical terms
D. Interferences – Filtering syntactical and grammatical interferences
E. Style in the delivery
F. Exam taking techniques - Objective versus subjective grading
G. Transferring of low, regular and high register documents into the opposite language
H. Stability in the transfer
I. Interpreting Laboratory Practices





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