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NCSF Certified Strength Coach (Voucher Included)

$595.00 (USD)


In this program, you will be exposed to all relevant content necessary to pass the NCSF-Certified Strength Coach (CSC) Exam and to practice safely and effectively as a Strength Coach. This includes the systemic approach to proper screening and evaluation as well as being able to identify an area of deficiency. You will learn how to create a needs analysis based upon the evaluation and to then develop an individual specific exercise program targeting the athlete’s needs based on their specific sport and/or position.

Various training techniques such as Olympic weightlifting techniques, plyometric training, and sport specific drills targeting speed, agility, and quickness will be covered. You will understand the importance of periodization and conditioning for strength athletes as well as endurance athletes. Information regarding metabolism and the importance of nutrition will also be covered. Individuals completing this program will be well prepared for the Certified Strength Coach Exam. This course also includes a voucher which covers the fee of the exam.

This program is entirely online and is completed at your own pace. When you register, you receive six (6) months to complete this program.





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