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Mobile and Desktop Web Developer / Responsive Web Design

$2,995.00 (USD)



I. Introduction to HTML
A. A Quick Overview of Web Development
B. Introduction to HTML
C. Paragraphs, Headings and Text
D. HTML Links
E. HTML Images
F. HTML Lists
G. HTML Tables
H. Sectioning a Web Page
I. Audio and Video
II. Introduction to CSS
A. Crash Course in CSS
B. CSS Fonts
C. Color and Opacity
D. CSS Text
E. Borders, MarginsandPadding
F. Backgrounds
G. Display and Visibility
H. Pseudo-classes and Pseudo-elements
I. Styling Tables with CSS
J. Positioning
K. Transforms and Transitions
L. Layouts
M. CSS Lists as Hierarchical Navigation
N. Media Queries
III. Introduction to JavaScript
A. JavaScript Basics
B. Variables, ArraysandOperators
C. JavaScript Functions
D. Built-In JavaScript Objects
E. Conditionals and Loops
F. Event Handlers and Listeners
G. The HTML Document Object Model
H. CSS Object Model
I. Errors and Exceptions
IV. Creating, Styling, and Validating Forms
A. HTML Forms
B. JavaScript Form Validation
C. Styling Forms with CSS
D. Regular Expressions
E. Node.js and Server-side Form Validation
V. jQuery Training 
A. jQuery Intro
B. JavaScript Basics
C. jQuery Basic Concepts
D. jQuery Core
E. Events and Event Handlers
F. Effects
G. Ajax
H. Plugins
I. Best Practices
J. Custom Events
K. jQuery Mobile jQuery UI
VI. Introduction to Bootstrap Training
A. Getting Started with Bootstrap Basics
B. Bootstrap Layout
C. Creating Responsive Navigation
D. Bootstrap Typography
E. Tables
F. Bootstrap Forms
G. Images
H. Bootstrap Components
I. Bootstrap Utilities
J. Bootstrap Flex
VII. WordPress Training
A. Introduction and Setup Options
B. WordPress Dashboard
C. Posts
D. Comments and Feedback
E. Appearance
F. Pages
G. Reader Page
VIII. Responsive Web Design
A. Designing for Mobile
B. Flexible Grids
C. Flexible Images and Other Media
D. The Viewport and Media Queries
E. HTML5: Mobile Specific Forms
F. GeoLocation API
G. Home Screen Icons
H. Accelerometer
I. Video
J. jQuery Mobile
K. Mobile Menus
L. The Bootstrap Framework
IX. jQuery Mobile
A. What Is jQuery Mobile?
B. Getting Started with jQuery
C. Widgets and UI
D. JavaScript and Events
E. Integration with the Phone
F. The Theme Framework
G. Plugins
X. Introduction to SQL Training
A. Relational Database Basics
B. Simple SELECTs
C. Advanced SELECTs
D. Subqueries, Joins, and Unions
XI. Introduction to PHP Training
A. PHP Basics
B. Flow Control
C. Arrays
D. PHP and HTML Forms
E. String Manipulation
F. Reusing Code and Writing Functions
G. Managing Data
H. Authentication with PHP and SQL
I. Regular Expressions
J. Session Control and Cookies
K. Sending Email with PHP
L. File System Management
XII. Introduction to XML Training
A. XML Basics
C. XML Schema Basics
D. Simple-Type Elements
E. XSLT Basics
Mobile Web Developer Final Exam
Final Project






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