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Python Developer

$995.00 (USD)




This program can be taken on either a PC or a Mac OS X. It is compatible with the Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and later operating systems and with the latest versions of any of the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

NOTE: If you are taking an Online Instructor Led course, dual monitors are helpful but NOT required.

Our Introduction to Python course uses IDLE, a simple Python IDE/editor that comes bundled with Python. All you need for class is to have Python 3.3 or later installed and to download the class files.

Check if you have Python 3 installed

To check if you have Python already installed:

            1.    Open a command prompt
            2.    Type "Python -V" (note there is a space before the capital V) and press the ENTER/RETURN key.
            3.    If Python is installed, you will get a response telling you what version you have. If you have version 3.3 or later, you are all set for class.
            4.    If you do not have Python or have an older version, follow the instructions below to install Python 3.4.

Install Python 3.4

Option 1: Install Anaconda (recommended)
            1.    Go to the Anaconda download page.
            2.    Next to CHOOSE YOUR INSTALLER, click on your operating system.
            3.    Click on the I WANT PYTHON 3.4 link.
            4.    Click on the link button that ends with "Python 3.4 Graphical Installer". Be sure to get Python 3.4 and not Python 2.7 (unless your company is taking a private Python 2 class)!
            5.    Follow the installation instructions.

Option 2: Install Python only
            1.    Go to the Python download page.
            2.    The web page should identify your operating system automatically. If it does not, select your operating system.
            3.    Click the "Download Python 3.4.x" link to download the Python installer.
            4.    Run the installer.

Test your installation by opening a command prompt and typing "python"





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