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Certified Professional Medical Auditor (Voucher Included)

Certified Professional Medical Auditor
$1,695.00 (USD)



What you will learn

  • Define fraud and abuse and explain regulatory guidelines for key regulations
  • Explain the impact of the OIG Work Plan and Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs)
  • List the elements of compliance plans and identify potential compliance risk areas
  • Identify National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) and Medically Unlikely Edit (MUE) risk areas
  • Explain the HIPAA privacy rule, including details on protected health information, minimum necessary, sharing of information, and enforcement
  • Identify medical record documentation standards and record retention standards
  • Identify common errors found in medical documentation
  • Explain the types of audits and the resources required for audits
  • Define steps of the audit process and identify statistical sampling types and factors
  • Explain the importance of discussing audit findings with the provider

How you will benefit

  • Learn to communicate with medical professionals and assess medical documents
  • Develop the skills needed to work in medical auditing
  • Learn the legal standards necessary to perform well on the job
  • Understand best insurance and reimbursement practices so as to relay them to patients






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