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Peer Support Specialist

Peer Support Specialist
$595.00 (USD)



What You'll Learn…

In this program you will learn the central knowledge base and behaviors of effective Peer Support promoted by iNAOPS, the International Association of Peer Supporters. Topics include advocacy, addressing stigma and discrimination, interpersonal communication, an overview of mental health and substance use disorders, cultural competence, ethical responsibilities and legal issues, including HIPAA. Principles of adult education and wellness management are introduced along with guidelines in helping people to reintegrate back into the community.

Upon completion of this program you will know:

  • The attributes, roles, duties and guidelines for a Peer Specialist
  • Recognize aspects of recovery unique to the individual, as well as developing their own recovery definition
  • The creating and exploring community resources, courtroom etiquette, help peers identify and understand communication barriers, and the reasoning behind documenting practices
  • How transformational language helps a peer specialist in the transformation in services for people with mental health problems
  • Various communication techniques commonly used in a peer support setting
  • The history of mental illness with attention to how and why the recovery model has emerged
  • Tools that will help them develop appropriate and effective ways of approaching peers and/or veterans with a substance disorder and/or co-occurring disorder
  • Cultural differences you are likely to encounter as a peer specialist
  • The critical nature of how ethics and boundaries play an integral role in the daily job of a peer specialist
  • The types and purposes of groups and how to properly facilitate them as a peer specialist, as well as the differences behind how adults learn
  • The basics necessary to assist with peer reintegration into the community
  • A holist concept of wellness that goes beyond being free of disease or sickness







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