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Full Stack Software Developer

full stack developer
$4,995.00 (USD)





I.             HTML Fundamentals

A.            HTML Document

B.            HTML Content Elements

C.            Headings, Paragraphs & Comments

D.            Divs, Spans & Attributes

E.            Links & Lists

F.            Images & Forms

G.           IFrames

H.            Semantic Web

II.            CSS Fundamentals

A.            CSS Syntax & Selectors

B.            Inline & Embedded CSS

C.            CSS Rules & External CSS

D.            Comments & font-family

E.            Working with Text & Fonts

F.            Box Sizing & The Box Model

G.           Working with Background

H.            Layout and Visibility

I.             Z-Index

J.             Layout Interactions

III.           User Centric Frontend Development

A.            Using the IDE | How do I get my (brilliant) ideas into the machine

B.            Version control with Git | Rescue Your Work From Certain Death

C.            Using the browser developer tools | Fixing And Examining Stuff

D.            Responsive web design with CSS

E.            Advanced CSS styling | Let's make those elements dance

F.            Bootstrap | Bootstrapping Your Next Big Idea

G.           User Experience Design | It's All About The User Experience

H.            Putting it all together - Resumé Mini Project I

I.             Milestone Project 1

IV.          Javascript Fundamentals

A.            Working With Numbers

B.            Comments

C.            Strings

D.            Arrays

E.            Decision Structures

F.            Operators

G.           Loops and Iteration

H.            Functions & Keywords

I.             Object-Oriented Programming

J.             Prototypes

K.            Extends

L.             Handling Exceptions

V.            Interactive Frontend Development

A.            Introduction to Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (Sass)

B.            Test-Driven Development Using Jasmine | Making Sure It Works

C.            Introduction to jQuery | Writing less JavaScript

D.            SVG and interactive charting | Bringing Data To Life With Visualizations

E.            Data visualization mini project

F.            APIs | Working With External Resources

G.           Vue.js

H.            Putting it all together | Resumé Mini Project II

I.             Milestone Project 2

VI.          Python Fundamentals

A.            Numbers, Operators, Variables & Types

B.            Strings & User Input

C.            Escape Characters

D.            Decision Structures & Loops

E.            Improving Reuse and Readability

F.            Sequences, Indexing and Lists

G.           Scoping and Functions

H.            Modules, Collections & Dictionaries

I.             Mutability and Immutability

VII.         Practical Python

A.            Core Python | Core Python

B.            TDD with Python | Failure is the first step towards success

C.            File IO | Reading and writing to files

D.            Algorithms | Getting to grips with algorithms

E.            HTTP | Getting your code to users

F.            The Flask Framework | The Flask Framework

G.           Putting it all together | Flask Chat Application Mini Project

H.            Milestone Project 3

VIII.        Data Centric Development

A.            Data and Database Fundamentals | Working With Data

B.            Python, MySQL and the Twitter API | How Python Talks To Data

C.            Python and MongoDB | Go Humongous With MongoDB

D.            Putting it all together | Flask Task Manager Application Mini Project

E.            Milestone Project 4

IX.           Full Stack Frameworks with Django

 A.            Introduction to the Django Framework | Beginning Django

 B.            Heroku toolbelt | Deployment

 C.            Environments, Automation & Security | Authentication & Authorisation

 D.            Styling a Django project with Bootstrap | Bootstrapping A Django Project

 E.            Creating an online blog | Blog All About It

 F.            Putting it all together | eCommerce Application Mini Project

 G.           Milestone Project 5





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