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Technical Writing

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I love the flexibility and freedom to go at my own pace. I thought the curricula was informative and the assignments were challenging. The facilitator went above and beyond my expectations to support me, providing encouragement, direction, and instruction. I think my facilitator was the best part of my online experience for this course.
- L.O., Kennesaw State University

There was a nice contrast in approaches represented by the two textbooks. The online presentations were easy to listen to, and the graphics were instructive. Ms. Atkinson conveyed warmth and personality through her correspondence, and offered useful suggestions for improvement.
- J.J., Harcum College

The self-paced program allowed me to move through the modules and reading assignments at the rate that worked for me. The writing exercises and assignments stimulated critical thinking and were well-designed to promote the correct fundamentals of effective communication. The assignments were challenging and were rooted in real world tasks. They were useful and relevant. My instructor provided constructive and invaluable feedback and suggestions that helped me progress rapidly so that I gained confidence and competence with each successive assignment.
- W.C., California State University, East Bay

The course required a great deal of discipline and my first on-line experience was easier than anticipated. I really enjoyed working with my instructor Lynn Atkinson. She was very thoughtful, fair and insightful in her feedback, and has the patience of a saint. She knows how to read a situation, and could tell that at some points on my journey through the course I was experiencing turbulence. She took time to answer all of my questions, and I could tell that she was interested in my well-being. This is an excellent program. I am now taking another online course toward an advanced degree, and this course made the experience very easy. The support system you have in place is impeccable.
- M.P., George Mason University

I felt Lynn Atkinson was very knowledgeable and provided very constructive and thorough feedback. The course was well structured for a busy professional, and had accommodating deadlines for my situation.
- S.G., Georgia Perimeter College

The facilitator was very astute and complete in her feedback and was very encouraging. I found her very helpful - she missed nothing!
- A.B., University of North Florida

I enjoyed the subject matter and the learning process. I am not a technical writer so I learned A LOT during this process.
- B.S., York Technical College - Computers

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