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Microsoft Access 2010 Certification Training

$595.00 (USD)





I.    Beginning Microsoft Access
    A. Getting Started: How to use the online course
    B. Hello, Access: Introduction to Tables
    C. Tables and Table Design: Adding Fields
    D. Table and More Tables: Design View
    E. Forms and Form Design: Layout View
    F. Designing for Real Users: Edit the Form Properties
    G. Queries and Query Design: Ask questions
    H. More Queries: Use Criteria and Parameters
    I. Reports and Report Design: Layout View
    J. Reports and More Reports: Use Design View
    K. Managing Databases: Save and Save As

II.    Intermediate Microsoft Access
    A. Hello, Again, Hello: Introduction to one-to-many relationships
    B. One-From-Many Relationships: Create a Combo Box
    C. Forms and Subforms, Part 1: Representing one-to-many
    D. Forms and Subforms, Part 2: Creating the Search Form
    E. Forms and Subforms, Part 3: Link the Form and Subform
    F. Meet the Stars: Create a Switchboard Form
    G. The Opening Scene: Manage the database environment
    H. Dress Rehearsal: How to TEST your software
    I. Report Totals: Use a Query to calculate the Tota
    J. Report Design Options: Use Design View

III.    Advanced Microsoft Access
    A. You say Goodbye, and I say Hello!: Normalize a database
    B. Relating Tables in a Database: Key data
    C. Primary Keys and Relationships
    D. The Receipt Form, Part 1: Design the Subform
    E. The Receipt Form, Part 2: Design the Form and link the two Forms
    F. The Receipt Printout, Part 1: Design the Report
    G. The Receipt Print, Part 2: Design the Subreport and link the two Reports
    H. The Producers: Working with Dates
    I. Prepare to Share: Visualize the results and export the Reports
    J. Strategies for Archiving: Use Action Queries
    K. The Performance Network: Optimize for Multi-Users





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