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The Nonprofit Manager + Professional Grant Writing includes: Nonprofit Manager
Professional Grant Writing

Nonprofit Manager + Professional Grant Writing

Build a solid foundation in the skills and strategies you need to become a leader in the nonprofit and professional grant writing sector.

$3,795.00 (USD)
List Price: $4,390.00
Save: $595.00 (14% off)



What you will learn

  • Differentiate between the different nonprofit sectors
  • Define your nonprofit's mission and vision
  • Identify the roles of governance and leadership
  • Apply management skills to lead volunteers
  • Create a fundraising plan
  • Identify marketing and communication tools
  • Apply DEI within your organization
  • Describe how a certification enhances professionalism and opportunities for grant writers
  • List the skills needed to be a professional grant writer
  • Describe how current trends can impact the distribution of funds in the private and public sectors
  • Describe how to match grant funders and fundable programs
  • Describe organizational missions, cultures, and norms and how they impact grant readiness
  • Using best practices, create a logic model showing interrelationships among elements of project design
  • Write an evaluation plan using community resources and cultural competencies
  • Prepare a grant budget with appropriate costs, cash, in-kind or leveraged matches
  • Describe the grant writer's role in post-award grant management and transition

How you will benefit

  • Learn skills and develop strategies to get your nonprofit organization successfully off the ground
  • Obtain an understanding of how to be a strong leader in this field
  • Gain confidence in your ability to work at a nonprofit organization and get closer to achieving your personal career goals
  • Communicate effectively with grant funders for relationship cultivation
  • Submit a grant proposal
  • Write a persuasive case statement
  • Use a professional code of ethics to guide decisions and conduct






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