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The Nonprofit Manager + Professional Grant Writing includes: Nonprofit Manager
Professional Grant Writing

Nonprofit Manager + Professional Grant Writing

Build a solid foundation in the skills and strategies you need to become a leader in the nonprofit and professional grant writing sector.

$3,795.00 (USD)
List Price: $4,390.00
Save: $595.00 (14% off)




  1. Nonprofit Manager
    1. The Nonprofit Sector
    2. Defining Your Mission/Imagining Your Vision
    3. Governance and Leadership
    4. Volunteer Management
    5. Nonprofit Finance
    6. Fund Development
    7. Other Revenue Sources
    8. Other Revenue Sources
    9. Other Revenue Sources
    10. Human Resources
    11. Human Resources
    12. Change is The Only Constant
    13. Nonprofit Manager Final Exam
  2. Professional Grant Writing
    1. Why Get a Grant Writing Certification
    2. Being Confident in Your Grant Writing Skills
    3. Grant Funding Trends
    4. Grant Funding Resources and Best Matches for Programs and Projects
    5. Establishing Initial and Ongoing Relationships with Funders
    6. Relationship Between Organizational Development and Grant Seeking Readiness
    7. Proposal Writing Preparation
    8. Proposal Writing Research, Implementation Strategies, Writing Characteristics, and Incorporating Graphics
    9. Writing the Boilerplate for the Grant Applicant Organization
    10. Diving Deep into Organizational Development Strategies and Funding Needs
    11. Midterm Exam and Writing Prompt Response
    12. Stakeholders, Partnerships, and Key Personnel Collaborations and Communications
    13. Effective Program and Project Design and Development Strategies
    14. Community Resources, Evaluation Designs, and Cultural Competencies
    15. Proposal Budgets
    16. Grant Proposal Submission Processes and Follow-up for Unfunded Submissions
    17. Funded Grant Requests
    18. Writing an Effective Case Statement for Fundraising Purposes
    19. Capstone Assignment: Case Statement
    20. Deciding to Move Forward with Certification
    21. Employability Ethics
    22. Bonus Lesson: Interview Pregame
    23. Professional Grant Writing Final Exam





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