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Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS)

Learn how to implement and utilize electronic health records and become a Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist.

Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist
$1,975.00 (USD)




  1. An Overview of EHR and CEHRS
    1. What is an EHR
    2. The Importance of EHRs
    3. Efforts to Encourage EHR Adoption
    4. EHRs in the Future
    5. The Role of a CEHRS in a Medical Practice
  2. An Introduction to MOSS 3.0
    1. MOSS 3.0 Components
    2. Administrative
    3. Clinical
    4. Billing
  3. History of EHRs
    1. EHR Origins in Practice Management Systems
    2. Major Federal Initiatives to Promote EHR Adoption
    3. MIPS
  4. Steps to EHR Implementation
    1. Step 1: Assess
    2. Step 2: Plan
    3. Step 3: Select
    4. Step 4: Implement
  5. The EHR Framework
    1. EHR Architecture, Hardware, Software, Networks and Interfaces
    2. Human-Computer Interface (User) Devices
    3. Functional, Data Content, and Vocabulary Standards
    4. Feature and Data Formats
    5. Security Controls
    6. Hybrid Health Records
    7. Disaster Recovery
  6. HIPAA Requirements and EHR Systems
    1. What is HIPAA?
    2. HIPAA and CEHRS
    3. HIPAA Privacy Rule
    4. HIPAA Security Rule
  7. The EHR and Record Content
    1. Record Purposes
    2. Record Formats and Types of Data
    3. Record Standards
    4. Medical Record Content
    5. Documentation Practices
  8. Lists, Treatment Plans, Orders, and Results
    1. The Lists
    2. Summary Lists in the Office Workflow
    3. Standards – Functional, Content, and Vocabulary
  9. Patient Visit Management
    1. The EHR in an Office Workflow
    2. Master Patient Index
    3. Service Payment Information
    4. Scheduling
    5. Consents, Acknowledgements, Advance Directives, and Authorizations
  10. Coding, Billing, and Practice Reports
    1. Coding and Billing Workflow
    2. Code Sets and Clinical Vocabularies
    3. Coding, Billing, and the EHR
    4. Encoders and Computer-Assisted Coding
    5. Electronic Bill Submission
  11. Patient Communications
    1. Patient-Focused Communication
    2. Patient Portals
    3. Personal Health Records
  12. Practice Reports, Research, Registries, and Reportable Events
    1. Medical Product Development
    2. Practice Requirements
    3. Standards that Support Research
    4. Registries and Reportable Events
  13. Personal Health Records and Continuing Care Records
    1. Personal Health Record
    2. Communication Among Providers for Continuing Care
    3. Continuity of Care Record
    4. Ongoing Training and Technical Support of EHR Software





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