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Marketing Design Certificate

$3,295.00 (USD)








Students will receive critique and feedback from a faculty of art and design professionals. Instructors for this program include:

Jeremy Bratt is a graphic designer, design coordinator and teacher with thirty years experience. He has worked recently as a design coordinator on very diverse corporate identity, branding and packaging projects. He managed the re-branding and new packaging for the globally known French cookware manufacturer Tefal when at Lewis Moberly in London. Whilst at Landor Associates in London he design coordinated the creation and development of a 500 page website for BP called ‘The Brand Centre’. Prior to that project he managed the design and content of a huge interactive corporate identity implementation manual. He is keenly interested in good effective typography and is fascinated by the challenge of designing clear instructional information for culturally diverse users. When working for Siegal & Gale in London he designed and coordinated a number of corporate identity projects for the Spanish market. He is at present a partner of a design and communication consultancy in the UK, designing and coordinating all corporate, print and packaging work.

Bruce Bicknell is a writer, instructor, illustrator, animator, Web designer, video editor, marketing pro, and graphic designer based in Tampa, Florida. In his career he has worked on projects for Adobe Systems, ATI, Photoshop Elements Techniques, MacTribe, Yellow Machine, and Mac Design, to name a few. Bruce has Associate degrees in Computer Animation and Web Development from The International Academy of Design and Technology.

Michael Hamm is a freelance designer and Web developer with over a decade of experience in the creative field. Based in Washington state, Michael provides design solutions for clients across the country through his company ClayEdward Design. Prior to working on his own, Michael worked for JPMorgan Chase in Houston, Texas as an interactive designer. His work has been published in various Web design books and magazines and he is a regular contributor to Layers Magazine. In addition, he has served as technical editor on several design books published by Friends of Ed. Michael recently co-authored Introduction to Web Design Using Dreamweaver published by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill. Michael is an Adobe Certified Instructor in Adobe Illustrator and has a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Houston. Michael is the founder, designer, programmer, and writer of PointsandPaths.com, a Web site that grew from his passion for illustration software and all things vector.

Boris Margolin is a graphic designer with 10 years of experience. Boris has worked as an in-house designer for several major international corporations including CIGNA, MetLife, and Nypro. While living in New Zealand Boris worked at a brand development studio and at Victoria University. His design work has ranged from advertising design, to identity design, brand development, Web design and administration to Flash application development. In his spare time Boris runs his own niche design company catering to unconventional companies and emerging markets. Boris earned a BS in Graphic Design at Mount Ida College in Massachusetts.


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