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Full Stack Software Developer

full stack developer
$4,995.00 (USD)



I. User Centric Frontend Development
A. Introduction To The Integrated Development Environment
B. Cloud9
C. The Cloud 9 Ecosystem
D. Introduction to Rescue Your Work From Certain Death
E. The Command-line Interface
F. Git Basics
G. GitHub
H. Introduction to Fixing and Examining Stuff
I. Debugging HTML & CSS In The Browser
J. Introduction To Responsive Web Design
K. Responsive Design Basics
L. Media Queries
M. Mobile vs Desktop Approach
N. Responsive Design - Mini-Project
O. Introduction To CSS Animations And Transitions
P. CSS Transitions
Q. CSS Animations
R. CSS Transformations
S. CSS Witchcraft
T. Introduction To Bootstrap
U. Bootstrap Basecamp
V. Core CSS & The Grid System
W. Components
X. Beyond Bootstrap
Y. Introduction To User Experience Design (UXD)
Z. The Strategy Plane
AA. The Scope Plane
BB. The Structure Plane
CC. The Skeleton Plane
DD. The Surface Plane
EE. Resume Project Introduction
FF. The Basic Structure
GG. The Header
HH. The Footer
II. Three Reasons To Hire Me
JJ. Contact details
KK. The Resume Page
LL. My Skills
MM. My Work History
NN. The Contact page
OO. Download my CV
PP. User Centric Frontend Development Milestone Project
II. Interactive Frontend Development
A. Test-Driven Development Using Jasmine
B. From JavaScript to jQuery
C. jQuery Introduction
D. jQuery Events
E. jQuery - Traversing Mt. Dom
F. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs)
G. D3.js
H. DC.js and Crossfilter.js
I. Data Visualization Introduction
J. Loading Your Data
K. Creating Your Charts
L. Show Salary Correlations
M. Layout and Styling
N. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
O. Consuming APIs Using JavaScript
P. Data & The DOM
Q. Project Introduction
R. Google Maps
S. The GitHub API
T. Sending Emails Using EmailJS
U. Interactive Frontend Development Milestone Project
III. Practical Python
A. Getting Started With Python In Cloud 9
B. Test Driven Development with Python
C. File I/O
D. Boggle Solver Part One
E. Boggle Solver Part Two
F. Getting Started
G. Applying Styles
H. Flask & Data
I. Routing and Templates
J. Deploying Our Project To Heroku
K. Starting The Project
L. Expanding Our Project
M. Upgrading Our Chat Functionality
VI. Data Centric Development
A. Data Fundamentals
B. Data Store Types
C. Database Fundamentals
D. Relational Database Design
E. A Database Management System In Action - MySQL
F. SQL In Action
G. Introduction To Go Humongous With MongoDB
H. Create a MongoDB Database
I. Manipulate Data Using Mongo Shell
J. Manipulate Data Programmatically With Python
K. Manipulate Data With A Custom User Interface
L. Introduction to Mini Project
M. Putting The Basics In Place
N. Adding A Task - Accepting User Input
O. Adding A Task - Writing to the Database
P. Editing A Task
Q. Delete A Task
R. Manage Categories
S. Adding Application Navigation
T. Data Centric Development Milestone Project
V. Full Stack Frameworks with Django
A. Hello Django
B. Testing Django
C. The Heroku Platform
D. Making Our Code Deployment Ready
E. Deploying Our Project
F. Environments, Automation & Security
G. Getting Set Up
H. Logging Out
I. Creating Login Functionality
J. Authorization
K. User Registration & Profiles
L. Password Reset
M. Custom Authentication
N. Styling A Django Project
O. Introduction To Blog All About It
P. Set Yourself Up For Success
Q. Create Models, Views And URLs
R. Create HTML templates and CSS styles
S. Let's Go Live!
T. Products and a Shopping Cart
U. Finding and Purchasing Products
V. Hosting your E-commerce web app
W. Full Stack Frameworks with Django Milestone Project
X. Portfolio Submission and Assessment Guide





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