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ICD-10 Medical Coding

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I work full time and have 3 kids so taking this course online was great. I was able to do the work when the kids went to bed and able to continue working full time.- C.W., The Center for Training & Development at Casper College

I enjoyed the luxury of being able to work at my own pace as opposed to working at the pace of the classroom.- R.W., The Center for Training & Development at Casper College

I enjoyed the ICD-10 Medical Coding course. If I had any question regarding the course my question was answered in no time, which was wonderful. The course was enjoyable and challenging, all that it should be when it comes to college. I would take another course through ed2go again and would suggest this to anyone.- E.S., Northern Maine Community College

The facilitator and the course material were easy to understand, which made the overall experience enjoyable.- R.C., University of North Florida

The facilitator, Ms. Carline Dalgleish, is very good. She is very thorough and I enjoyed being in her class.- T.C., Ivy Tech Community College - Northwest

I enjoyed the immediate feedback on my quizzes and final exams. It enabled me to identify areas that I needed to spend more time reviewing.- R.F., Capital Community College

The course provided the information and education I was seeking; hopefully it will lead to advances in my job. I found the entire course easy to understand and work with and any questions I asked were answered in a timely, professional manner.- C.C., Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

My facilitator seemed genuinely concerned in providing the best field education possible via online media. Go Carline! Very well written.- J.G., Excelsior College

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