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Lean Six Sigma Champion (Exam Cost Included)

$895.00 (USD)




  1. Grasp Lean Six Sigma
    1. Introduction to the Champion Course
    2. Executive Overview: The Power of Lean Six Sigma
    3. Stop Being a Boss and Start Being a Leader, featuring Richard Sheridan
    4. Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
    5. Introduction to Lean
  2. Transform the Culture
    1. 4 Components for Building a Lean Culture
    2. Leaving the Office and Building a Joyous Culture, featuring Gary Peterson
    3. Why Blame Stalls & 5 Ways Leaders Can Create a Blame-free Environment
  3. Embrace the Leader's Role
    1. The Role of the Leader in Transforming a Culture of Continuous Improvement
    2. Disaster Recovery Made Easy with the Toyota Product System, Featuring Liz McCartney
  4. Make Problems Visible
    1. Leader Standard Work
    2. Leader Task Boards
    3. Process Performance Boards
    4. Leader Huddle Meetings
    5. Leader Process Walks
    6. Duct Tape and Standard Work—The Sexy Tools of Lean, featuring Tom Root
  5. Support Problem Solvers
    1. Introduction to DMAIC
    2. Introduction to PDCA
    3. Introduction to A3
    4. A3 Coaching
    5. The Top 5 Challenges with A3 Coaching
    6. Avoid the Advice Trap and Become a Better Leader, featuring Michael B. Stanier
    7. How to Coach Problem Solvers to Build their Soft skills
    8. Elephant-Powered Improvement for Zoos All Over the World
    9. How Toyota Coached Leaders to Improve Processes with Learning Journals
    10. How Leaders Successfully Support Lean Six Sigma Projects
    11. 5 Ways to Ensure Green Belts Apply their New Skills After Certification
    12. How IT Spreads Lean Six Sigma to Boost #2-Ranked University, Featuring Mojgan Amini
    13. Champion Course Conclusion





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