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Senior Certified Sustainability Professional

$2,495.00 (USD)




  1. Green Purchasing Fundamentals
    1. Introduction to Green Procurement
    2. Design for Environment (DfE) Principles
    3. International Green Labeling
    4. Green Product Standards
    5. Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP)
    6. Supplier Relationship Management
    7. Green Purchasing Program Development
  2. Sustainability 101: Corporate Social Responsibility
    1. Sustainable Development
    2. The Business Case for Sustainability
    3. Organizational Roles and Functional Influences
    4. Corporate Social Responsibility
    5. Sustainability in Major Business Sectors
    6. The U.S. Green Building Council and LEED
    7. Introduction to Environmental Science
  3. Carbon Strategies
    1. Introduction to the World Resources Institute (WRI) Protocol
    2. Developing a Climate Strategy
    3. Supporting Green House Gas Reductions
    4. Tracking Emissions and Reporting
    5. Tools and Best Practices Every Organization Should Know About
    6. The Green Supply Chain's Carbon Footprint
    7. Developing a Carbon Policy
  4. Environmental Management Systems: EMS (ISO 14001)
    1. Introduction to the ISO 14000 Series
    2. The ISO 14001 Standard
    3. Strategic Environmental Management
    4. Corporate Environmental Management: Eco-Control Systems
    5. Environmental Management in Developing Countries
  5. Environmental Accounting 101
    1. Emerging Requirements
    2. Environmental Accounting Framework
    3. Environmental Management Accounting
    4. Environmental Financial Accounting
    5. Ecological Accounting
    6. Eco-Efficiency Information Management
  6. Green Marketing and Sales Force Essentials
    1. Corporate Environmentalism
    2. Greening the Marketing Mix
    3. Green by Design
    4. Communicating Green With Impact
    5. Eco-Innovation: Rethinking Future Products
    6. Case Studies
  7. Green Transportation: 12 Best Practices
    1. Green Transportation and Logistics
    2. Building Energy Efficiency in 3PL Operations
    3. Greater Sustainability in Distribution Operations
    4. The EPA SmartWay Program
    5. Green Fleet Management
    6. Best Practice Case Studies
  8. Sustainability Leader: First 180 Days to Success
    1. Defining the Performance Requirements
    2. Prioritizing Transition Initiatives
    3. Developing Key Internal Relationships
    4. Managing the Green Organizational Change
    5. Mapping Staff Capabilities
  9. Advanced Green Purchasing
    1. Philosophy of Sustainable Design
    2. The Elements of Green Design Methodology
    3. The Technologies and Components of Sustainable Design
    4. Design for Environment Engineering
    5. Alternate Material Strategies
  10. The Sustainability Consultant
    1. Green Consulting 101
    2. Conducting the Sustainable Needs Assessment
    3. Solving Client Problems: Guide to Troubleshooting
    4. Increasing Client Effectiveness
    5. Performance Improvement Strategies





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