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Certified Family Mediator

Certified Family Mediator
$3,895.00 (USD)


Family mediation covers a broad spectrum of conflict that impacts families including parent/children disputes, mediating aging issues, probate and estate disputes and family business conflicts. The skills you will learn in this comprehensive program will help you mediate simple and complex cases using the empowerment based InAccord Conflict Analysis model as your template. The InAccord model teaches empowerment to the disputants through an empirical method of assessing power imbalances at the outset and educating disputants in conflict resolution communication that will serve them long after the dispute has been resolved. The model is predictable, measureable and focused on the unique needs of the parties to a dispute as opposed to the particular approach of any one mediator.

Prepares You For...

Careers in:
  • Legal Offices
  • Human Resources
  • Private Practice
  • Nursing Homes


  • InAccord Certified Mediator

What You'll Learn...

In this program you will prepare for a meaningful career where you can practice independently or use your skills in your current profession. A certificate program in Family Mediation can help you advance at your current place of work and add sought after skills to your resume as you seek a new career.

Competency Checklist:

In this program you will learn how to do the following:

  • Articulate the use of the InAccord® Conflict Analysis model for use family mediation
  • Examine the Three Phases and Four Stages of the InAccord® model
  • Explore the pre-interview and post interview phases of the InAccord® mediation as applied to family disputes
  • Apply the Touchstone Skills of questioning, reflecting, and reframing to simulated mediation cases
  • Apply InAccord® surveys to simulated cases and analyze the results
  • Examine ways the conflict is generated in families
  • Understand theories related to family systems and apply concepts to common disputes
  • Understand the mental and physical effects of aging and its effects on families
  • Examine probate and estate disputes and how mediation helps bring resolution
  • Explore family business disputes and apply mediation to their resolution








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