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Non-Profit Management

$1,295.00 (USD)



I. Nonprofit Management and Governance
A. Management and Leadership
B. Finance
C. Legal Issues
D. Public Relations
E. Board Relationships
F. Evaluation
G. Organization and Development
H. Human Resources Issues
I. Governance
II. Strategic Management in Operations
A. Introduction and Overview
B. Definitions and Business Models
C. Categories and Strategies
D. Strategic Planning Models
E. Creating Strategic Alternatives
F. Implementation
G. Conclusion
III. Financial and Accounting Management for Non-Profits
A. Introduction and Overview
B. Importance of Financial Statements
C. The Balance Sheet
D. The Income Statement
E. Statement of Cash Flows
F. Financial Ratios
G. Non-Profit Tax Issues
H. Non-Profit Statements
I. Conclusion
IV. Marketing Management
A. Introduction and Overview
B. Marketing Goals
C. The Marketing Plan
D. The Marketing Mix
E. The Marketing Budget
F. Marketing Implementation
G. Technology and Marketing
H. Summary
V. Legal Issues in Operations
A. Introduction
B. Sources of Law
C. Agency and Employment Law
D. Torts Law
E. Sales and Products Liability
F. Intellectual Property
G. Ethics
H. Summary
VI. Fundraising Fundamentals
A. Fund Raising
B. Marketing
C. Locating Funding Sources
D. Effective Writing
E. Successful Proposals
F. Current Trends
G. Managing Products
H. Annual Giving Campaigns
I. Corporate Sponsorships
J. Major Donors
K. Foundation and Government Grants
L. Planned Giving
M. Special Events
N. Capital Campaigns
VII. Organizational Leadership and Decision Making
A. Introduction and Overview
B. What is a Leader?
C. Sources of Power in Leadership
D. Leadership Theories
E. Transformational Leaders
F. Decision Making and Empowerment
G. Accountability
H. Summary
VIII. Budgeting Essentials
A. Introduction
B. The Concept of Budgeting
C. Activity-based Budgeting
D. Factors to Consider in Budgeting
E. Production Planning
F. Inventory
G. Sample Budget and Summary
IX. IX. Persuasive Communication
A. Introduction
B. Fundamentals of Communication
C. Knowing the Audience
D. The Power of Listening
E. Credibility of the Speaker
F. Evidence in Persuasion
G. Emotion in Persuasion
H. Organizing the Argument
I. Summary
X. Negotiating Strategies
A. Introduction
B. Steps in Negotiating
C. Tools in Negotiating
D. Types of Negotiations
E. Personality Types
F. Preparing for Negotiations
G. BATNA and Summary